AMG GT Four-Door Coupe Spotted Before It's Geneva Debut

The AMG GT Four-Door Coupe was recently leaked out and about giving gearheads a glimpse of the car ahead of it's Geneva debut.

AMG GT Four-Door Coupe Spotted Before It's Geneva Debut

Mercedes’ AMG GT Four-Door Coupe has been spotted in the German highlands ahead of its debut at the Geneva Auto Show.

The confusingly named GT Four-Door Coupe was previously revealed to the world at last year’s Geneva motor show, then called the AMG GT Concept. The car was meant to evoke the name of the two-door AMG GT-R, a 500+ horsepower race car that never felt the need to put the word “coupe” in its name. The GT Four-Door apparently has some identity issues since it identifies as a coupe even though it has four doors.

But hey—it’s 2018, and if a car wants to self-identify as a coupe when it’s clearly a sedan, who are we to argue?


Anyway, the car is in full production ahead of its full reveal at the 2018 Geneva motor show, which means there’s completed cars running around Germany just waiting for people to take snaps of them in their zebra-like camouflage. Or they would be if Mercedes hadn’t already figured that people will take photos of their cars whether they want them to or not and just decided to take a few shots themselves and send them to media outlets.

We can tell there are a few subtle differences between the concept car pictured above and the final product shown below. The biggest change is in the front, where the massive air intakes seem to have disappeared. According to Autoweek that likely has to do with the switch in engines. The concept was powered by a massive V8 hybrid that pumped out an excess of 800 horses, while the final car is likely to have a more reasonable 4.0-L V8 without the hybrid nonsense.

via autoweek

The wheels are another big departure, going from center-locked works of art to more humble 5-spoke models. The lower trim is also a little less sporty to give it a bit more clearance for your everyday commute.

Now, if only Mercedes could come up with a proper name to describe their sedan. Maybe we’ll get a revised name in time for Geneva next month.


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