25 4x4s That Are Totally Useless

For a 4x4 to be useful it has to be able to handle the most treacherous off-road conditions. It simply can't be adept when traveling over snow-covered highways and hauling large loads. It has to be so...

25 V8 Cars That Are Way Too Slow

Everyone would love to have a cool car with a big V8 to drive around with, if even for just a day. When most think about it, the phrase “V8” almost immediately triggers thoughts of fast speed, open ro...

ATB Tunes One-Off Audi RS6 To 725 BHP

Audi is one of those brands that always pushes boundaries. This time, ABT has made a one-off Audi RS6 that has a total of 725 BHP which for a vehicle of its size is pretty impressive.

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