The Arquus Scarabee Is The Armored Volvo Of Your Dreams

The Scarabee is the new armored car from Volvo subsidiary Arquus Defense that can drive sideways. No, really.


This armored military vehicle is built by a Volvo subsidiary and can move sideways thanks to all-wheel-steering.

Presenting the Scarabee from Arquus Defense, formerly Renault Trucks Defense, a French military manufacturer that was purchased by Volvo in 2018. Arquus has a full lineup of armored military vehicles, including VAB Mk 3 6x6 infantry fighting vehicle as well as the Bastion armored personnel carrier.

They’ve also got an SUV that appears to be an XC60 done up in military garb.

In any case, we’re here to talk about Arquus’ newest vehicle, the Scarabee. It’s named after the scarab, a family of large beetles that don’t really have anything in common with the Scarabee other than the fact they both have a hard outer shell.

The Scarabee's claim to fame is an adaptive suspension, all-wheel-drive, and four-wheel steering. Moreover, each wheel will turn independent of the other depending on what the armored car is doing, which means it can do interesting things like drive on a diagonal angle.

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It's also got a 300-horsepower diesel engine and a 103 hp electric motor mounted at the back. This hybrid setup is designed to offer quick acceleration that when combined with the four-wheel steering will allow the Scarabee to dodge incoming enemy fire.

Weighing in at 6.6 tons, you'd expect the Scarabee to be a slow-moving vehicle, but it's actually smaller and faster than an American Humvee. Top speed is 75 mph, with a gas range of 620 miles and an electric range of 6 miles. The Scarabee is 6 feet high, 15 feet long, and has a roof-mounted turret capable of mounting a 30mm cannon, a heavy machine gun, or electronic sensors like radar and forward-looking infrared.

Crucially, the Scarabee is designed to be small enough to be air-dropped into battle, giving it incredible versatility.

France is currently considering the Scarabee and several other designs as a possible replacement for their current fleet of 730 light armored vehicles.

(via Popular Mechanics)

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