Aston Martin Reveals DBS GT Zagato As Stunning Companion To DB4 Continuation

The DBS GT Zagato is the modern companion to the DB4 Zagato Continuation with a redesigned grille and no rear windshield. For some reason.

Aston Martin Reveals DBS GT Zagato As Stunning Throwback

Aston Martin has revealed the other half of the DBZ Centenary Collection with the DBS GT Zagato.

Last September, Aston Martin announced an unconventional set of vehicles. They called it the DBZ Centenary Collection and first revealed the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation. Based on the original Aston Martin DB4, the old-school hot rod would be updated for modern times and given a new straight-six engine with 66 additional horsepower for a total of 380 hp. That would be paired to a 4-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip rear differential for that authentic feel.

It would also not be road legal. Aston’s refinements were to update the car’s road-going technology, but not its safety features, thus limiting its presence to the track only.

Aston also mentioned that the DB4 would be sold alongside another car called the DBS GT Zagato which WOULD be road legal, and since you had to buy both cars as part of a £6 million package ($7.5 million in USD), at least one of them should be able to drive on the road.

Now we have more details on the DBS GT Zagato, courtesy of a set of images and a new press release from Aston Martin. The GT Zagato will be based on the DBS Superleggera, but have a few refinements to set the Zagato version apart.

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First is the new “dynamic” carbon fiber grille. It's made up of 108 diamond-shaped pieces that form a flush patterned surface when the car is off. Turn the car on and each of those pieces tilts open to allow the engine to get some fresh air.

Aston Martin Reveals DBS GT Zagato As Stunning Throwback
via Aston Martin

Second is the new carbon fiber roof. It’s a single piece of carbon fiber that runs from the windshield all the way to the trunk. And before you ask, yes, this means the rear windshield is not present. To make up for the lack of rear visibility, Aston Martin installs a rear-facing camera that will be displayed where the rearview mirror would normally be.

As Aston puts it, the "DBS GT Zagato is treated to a pure and simple roofline without any compromises on practicality to the driver." One would expect at least a LITTLE sacrifice for practicality when it comes to seeing what’s behind you, but apparently not Aston.

The British luxury carmaker will create 19 pairs of the GT Zagato and DB4 Continuation, with production to start sometime in 2020.

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