Aston Martin Designing Special Edition 007 'Goldfinger' DB5s

Aston Martin is designing a very special car. In fact, it's a special edition 007 'Goldfinger' DBS.

Aston Martin Designing Special Edition 007 'Goldfinger' DB5s

Aston Martin is recreating the DB5 from Goldfinger, right down to the spinning tire shredders.

Naturally, it won’t be road legal.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It’s the reason why people kept going to see Star Wars Episode I through III even though they had a plot written by a 5-year-old. They’re the reason people keep demanding live-action versions of old Disney cartoon movies, something that Disney is all too happy to oblige.

Now Aston Martin wants to get a piece of the nostalgia pie. The car company that has been intertwined with the James Bond franchise since Bond first stepped foot behind the wheel of a DB5 in Goldfinger has decided to take that exact car and make a real-life version they can sell to ravenous fans.

Ravenous and rich fans. Each new DB5 will cost $3.6 million.


To be fair to Aston Martin, these are actually movie replicas of the DB5, and not just rebuilt civilian models. The British carmaker is teaming up with Eon Productions and Bond special effects guru Chris Corbould to recreate the actual car that Bond drove. This means there will be spinning license plates, small siphons that shoot out oil slicks, and even extending blades to shred any pursuer’s tires.

Aston Martin Designing Special Edition 007 'Goldfinger' DB5s
via Aston Martin

Before you even ask, no, you can’t take these cars on the road. For some reason, governments around the globe frown on people with tire shredders and rotating license plates. Although the car can drive, it will likely stay in some billionaire’s garage where it will never be driven again. Mostly because it’s not legal to drive it anywhere, but also because billionaires tend to not do a lot of driving.

Really, the only reason to have this car in your garage is due to the faintest hope that some international assassin will try to kill you and you’ll need to make a grand escape in your DB5, leading to a car chase scene where you use all the Bond gadgets to make your getaway.

There are, however, some limitations. There are no ejector seats or machine guns that come out of the front bumper. Those are simply illegal for a car manufacturer to own, and thus cannot place them inside a car that is similarly illegal. Otherwise they would.

Deliveries are expected to begin in 2020. We’ll be sure to shake our heads in wonderment if all 25 models sell out.


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