Aston Martin Confirms Lagonda SUV Concept To Unveil At Geneva Motor Show

Lagonda has announced their electric SUV concept will arrive at the Geneva Motor Show this March.

Aston Martin Confirms Lagonda SUV Concept To Unveil At Geneva Motor Show

Aston Martin has confirmed they will be bringing a Lagonda SUV concept to the Geneva Motor Show.

In case you hadn’t heard, Aston Martin is resurrecting their Lagonda nameplate as a luxury electric car brand. But instead of making oddly wedge-shaped sedans, they’re making luxury EVs as the world’s first “zero emission luxury brand.”

Sounds like they’re really pushing the whole “luxury” angle.

Last year we saw the Lagonda Vision Concept debut at the Geneva Motor Show as a fully autonomous electric car. With Level 4 autonomy, the Vision could accomplish all driving on its own and only had a steering wheel to allow the driver the option of actually controlling his vehicle. A set of sensors allowed the Vision to see 360-degrees of the road and react to all stimulus all the time.

It also had a 400-mile range thanks to a set of solid state batteries. Lagonda didn’t release any details about the powertrain other than it had all-wheel-drive and torque vectoring, but most electric vehicles have that so it’s not exactly impressive.


What was impressive was the absolutely out of the world body design. It was still generally a wedge, but with smooth lines and curves in all the right places to make you think you’re looking at a futuristic alien spacecraft rather than a beefed-up Aston Martin.

Lagonda Vision
via Aston Martin

And now they’re making an electric SUV. Guess Lagonda got the memo that electricity is going off-road these days.

Called the Lagonda All-Terrain, the teaser released shows what seems to be the Vision’s front end but with wider fender flares and larger tires. It bears a passing resemblance to the renders released last May, although with the front-only angle it’s hard to tell if we’ll get that hatchback tailgate or not.

Last year, Lagonda said that the SUV would be their first production vehicle, with production to begin in 2021. That’s not too far away, so this All-Terrain concept might look closer to the real thing than a concept. Which is exciting--it’s about time we got some truly futuristic vehicles.


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