Listen To Aston Martin's Valkyrie Hit Open Throttle

Aston Martin CEO tweets audio of the Valkyrie's massive, naturally-aspirated V12 at full throttle.

The automotive world received a lucky treat today, as Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer tweeted a video clip that features potent audio of an insane powerplant set to power the forthcoming Valkyrie hypercar. The 20-second clip also features a shadowy preview of the Valkyrie's exterior, perhaps taken during dynamometer testing that would push the Valkyrie to full throttle. But even looking at the Valkyrie's naked form is almost a distraction from the music of what should be the world's most powerful normally-aspirated engine.

Fellow English firm Cosworth, of Formula 1 and rally racing fame, has handled the design, manufacturing, and testing process for the Valkyrie's screaming V12, which will also be complemented by a KERS hybrid electric system. In a deleted tweet from August of this year, Cosworth claimed the internal combustion engine alone would produce 1,130 horsepower. Croatian manufacturer Rimac, of C Two fame, has been tasked with producing batteries for the Valkyrie, which has a claimed curb weight of only 2,271 pounds.

Photos of the Valkyrie reveal a hyper-futuristic exterior reminiscent of Formula 1 cars, with aerodynamics and weight reduction taking massive steps beyond the level of any current road-going vehicle. The radical design is said to be able to fit an entire person below its underfloor, while airflow is further maximized by wheel shrouds, an enormous splitter and diffuser, and even gaps on the top of the car for the front axle and a roof intake. Overall, the goal is to achieve a monumental 4,000 pounds of downforce at speed.


via carmagazine.co.uk

The car should be almost entirely constructed out of carbon fiber, with an interior so cramped that each of the 150 road-going units will have its driver's seat designed utilizing a 3D scan of its future owner. The steering wheel will be removable to aid with entrance and egress, and the car's wheels will be center-locking, race-spec magnesium units.

A race-spec Valkyrie AMR Pro also fits into the mix, with 25 units scheduled for production. Key differences will include smaller wheels to house Le Mans Prototype 1 tire specifications, carbon-carbon brakes, and minimal exhaust paraphernalia to reduce waste and improve that V12's exhale. Predictions of up to 3.3 g of lateral acceleration may seem hyperbolic, but given the Valkyrie's striking design, may be entirely feasible.


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