Aston Martin Reveals Stylish Valkyrie Hypercar With Stunning Photos

Aston Martin has revealed official images of the upcoming Valkyrie Hypercar.

No more renderings this time, folks. This time we get the real deal: the Valkyrie in all its glory. This first hypercar from Aston Martin is said to contain the most powerful naturally aspirated engine the world has ever seen, along with a hybrid setup to push it well over 1,000 horsepower.

These finished product images (posted to Aston Martin's Instagram account, of all things) show a car that certainly seems ready for testing and a car that seems ready to obliterate the competition. Massive wheels, a teardrop canopy, enormous front splitter, and massive rear diffuser give this car an unmistakable air of extreme speed.

via Aston Martin

This continues on the inside where the interior seems to be made of only carbon fiber. An LCD screen is embedded in the Alcantara-covered steering wheel, with a pair of other screens along the dashboard. It looks like the seats have just enough padding to make it feel like you're not riding on a carbon fiber bench, but only just.


But it’s under the hood where the magic happens. The Valkyrie is equipped with a 6.5-L Cosworth V12 engine that combines with an electric motor to produce 1,130 hp. Despite all that power, the Valkyrie is expected to only reach 225 mph in a straight line due to the enormous amount of downforce all those aerodynamic bits provide--4,000 lbs of it, to be precise.

via Aston Martin

Since the Valkyrie tops out at around 2,200 lbs, this means you could technically drive the car on an upside-down track so long as you went fast enough.

According to Motor1, the Valkyrie is in the final stages of virtual testing and will hit the road for real-world testing at the end of this year or the beginning of the next. Each unit cost $3.2 million and al 175 to be produced have already been sold. A total of 25 of them will be the AMR variant, which will be even lighter and faster than the regular version.


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