ATB Tunes One-Off Audi RS6 To 725 BHP

ATB has made an Audi RS6 even more impressive with their tuning abilities. Check out what they've done.

Audi is one of those brands that always pushes boundaries. This time, ABT has made a one-off Audi RS6 that has a total of 725 BHP which for a vehicle of its size is pretty impressive.

The model is known as the ABT Audi RS6+ Nogaro. On top of the impressive horsepower, it also has a lot of torque to go along with it, it features a massive 679 lbs of torque! They've also managed to make it faster than Audi's own version of the Nagaro, it goes from 0 - 62 in 3.3s, cutting off four 10ths of a second from the Audi baseline. This monster of a car can also go 199mph!



Via TopGear

According to TopGear, the car also features a stainless steel exhaust system and modified front and side skirts. The front and rear of the car have also been heavily modified. Part of why this car can obtain these incredible specs is because of the RS6's twin-turbo V8 which has been modified so that the power delivery is always optimal. 25 Possible parameters are continuously adjusted during this beasts operation.

This is the type of car that petrolheads will love seeing as the year goes on, and they will be staring it during the holidays and well into the new year. Who can blame them with the daubed blue, which was made famous by the Audi RS2?

While this car is certainly a technical marvel, it's one that will be divisive in terms of the appearance as it's really just a hot hatchback that has been given a massive power boost, the styling is still a little on the plain Jane side of things. Given that this vehicle is a one-off you would think that there would have been a bit more thought put into it from an aesthetics point of view. Though one could say that because this is more of a car designed to show what is possible with tuning, the looks are all secondary. But for all those technical marvels, it still doesn't scream sports car, which is what it's trying to go for. Maybe next year ABT will be back with something that is both a technical marvel and a stunner.


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