Extremely Limited ATS GT Launch Edition Gets Price

The ATS GT Launch Edition has been given a price, and it's about as steep as you'd expect from an Italian supercar.

via Automobili Turismo e Sport

The upcoming ATS GT Launch Edition supercar has been given a price and more details to prospective buyers.

Automobili Turismo e Sport Automobili (better known as ATS) has been hard at work showing off their new baby, the GT Launch Edition. Unveiled at the prestigious (and slightly pretentious) The Quail - A Motorsports Gathering during Monterey Car Week, the GT is a 730 hp supercar to rival the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

A few months later and we have some more details on the new grand tourer courtesy of the company. Under the hood is a 3.8-L twin-turbo V8 engine that puts out 730 hp, although it can be massaged to produce 830 hp if you purchase the ATS Corsa Package. We don’t have any performance stats, but we do know the car’s chassis and body are made out of carbon fiber to make it as lightweight as possible.

A partnership with Michelin provides the GT with Pilot Sport Cup 2 or Pilot Sport 4S tires (dependant on personal preference) while optional Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes are also available on the Corsa Package.

ATS really stressed the interior luxury of their new grand tourer, touting several first-ever technologies developed specifically for the Launch Edition. Starting with an external ultra-thin digital high-resolution TFT cluster which has four central touchscreen gauges that can be completely customized to the driver’s whims. Climate control, radio, clock, or phone info can be displayed directly on the dash without requiring the driver to look to a center console.


Also new for the car is a sound system that ATS calls “Prima Orchestra”. It uses “sophisticated planar magnet technology” along with an acoustically designed cockpit to provide the best possible sound of any road car.

via Automobili Turismo e Sport
via Automobili Turismo e Sport

Along with the fancy stereo helping the car’s sound signature is an active exhaust with three mufflers that can be engaged depending on the car’s driving mode. One muffler for loud, two for medium, and three for ultra quiet.

Changing driving modes is done via the Cuore driver interface. There are two knobs that the driver can turn to change the engine, suspension, and transmission response to three different drive modes: Viaggio, Sport, and Corsa. There are also two airplane-style switches that toggle between manual and automatic gear shifting or activate the rear wing.

Only 12 GT Launch Editions will be made, with each one priced at $850,000.


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