Check Out Audi's Insanely Fast E-Tron GT

Audi has revealed their new electric grand tourer, the E-Tron GT, at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Check Out Audi's Insanely Fast E-Tron GT

Audi’s new E-Tron GT concept is here just in time for the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Most carmakers see the writing on the wall when it comes to conventionally-powered cars. Even if the era of cheap gas were to continue forever, global warming would put an end to either the human race or drivable roads eventually. Thus, everyone is going all-in on electric cars, with Audi betting even bigger than most.

Audi is already set to break into the electric car market with the E-Tron SUV and E-Tron Sportback (due out in 2019), and now we have a third electric car to add to their lineup: the E-Tron GT.

As the name suggests, the E-Tron GT is a grand touring car of the finest pedigree. It’s got the smooth looks and the smooth ride to convince anyone they’re casually driving down the Mayan Riviera, only without the sound of a roaring engine to detract from all the natural beauty.

That’s because inside there are no combustible chemicals. All the E-Tron GT has is two electric motors--one for each axle--providing power to each of the four wheels via computer controlled torque vectoring. Combined, the twin motors produce 590 hp and an untold amount of torque.

Check Out Audi's Insanely Fast E-Tron GT
via Audi

No, really--Audi didn’t tell us how many torques it produces. But as with most electric cars, it’s probably a lot.

Zero to 62 mph is done in 3.5 seconds, while 0-124 mph is done in 12 seconds. Top speed is limited to 149 mph, which is faster than the speed limit on most public roads so that’s not really such a bad number.


A floor-mounted 90 kWh battery pack provides up to 248.5 miles of range and can charge up to 80% in just 20 minutes from a quickcharge station. It also has wireless charging, so you can install a charging pad on the floor of your garage and recharge the E-Tron GT overnight.

Check Out Audi's Insanely Fast E-Tron GT
via Audi

On the inside, Audi maintains its reputation for interior excellence by providing a spacious cabin with tons of touchscreens to make driving the car feel like being on the bridge of a starship. Alcantara covers the wheel, artificial fibers cover the seats, and LCD screens cover the dash.

The Audi E-Tron GT debuts at the LA Auto Show, with deliveries set to begin sometime in 2021. And don’t expect this car to be cheap, either.


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