Audi Files Patent For Strange Convertible SUV

Audi is gearing up to make a convertible SUV, maybe. They've at least filed a patent for the tech to make it happen.

Audi Files Patent For Strange Convertible SUV

Audi has filed a patent for a weird convertible SUV.

But converts into what? That’s the question.

From the design documents obtained by AutoGuide, it looks like the entire back end of the cabin just folds up into the trunk, turning what was once a perfectly respectable SUV into some kind of mutant pickup. Or possibly the longest convertible ever made. The rear passengers would be awfully cold.

Here’s how it works: the roof is broke up into three parts, and two of those three parts fold up and tuck inside the trunk when stowed. There are pillars in the rear and middle of the SUV (much like a regular SUV) which will denote where the roof and cabin is compartmentalized.

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“Due to the presence of the side pillars and the rear pillars in the closed state of the roof [ie. when it’s up], a motor vehicle is provided which has a far greater transport capacity than known convertible vehicles,” writes Audi in the patent application.

That’s weird enough, but things get even weirder when you get to the trunk. The docs indicate a swing door tailgate that can open when the roof is either up or down. Using some form of witchcraft that is not clear from the design docs, the tailgate can also slide into the body of the car so the driver can fill the trunk without needing to lean over it.


Hard to picture? We think so too.

When everything is stowed, the rear roof acts as a lid while the other sections slide beneath it. The net result is this bizarre transformer SUV-truck-convertible thing that seems like an abomination to all of automotive history.

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The engineering docs insist that there will be plenty of trunk space based on this design, but that seems impossible to believe considering there’s suddenly a roof being stored in the trunk. What seems more believable is their assertion there will be plenty of rollover protection due to the strengthened pillars. Although those pillars seem to disappear when the roof is stowed, so who knows?

While these mysterious are certainly compelling, there remains one, even greater mystery: what would Audi call such a monstrous creation? Q8 just seems inadequate to describe such an unholy beast. We’re guessing Q666.


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