Audi Set To Roll 13 Performance Cars & SUV's This Year

Audi is looking to flood the market with performance vehicles.

Audi fans will likely have lots and lots to talk about in 2019 as the German automakers have announced plans to launch 13 performance vehicles this year, during their Annual General Meeting on Thursday.

A press release also states that the brand is looking to sharpen its "sporty image" by releasing nine S models and four powerful R and RS Models.

"The brand is sharpening its sporty image with nine new S models as well as four especially powerful R and RS models," a snippet from the statement reads.

According to Motor Authority, the refreshed 2019 Audi R8, unveiled in November, could be an inclusion. The car boasts a sharper look and has gone from 530 to 570 hp in the base model and 610 to 620 ho in the R8 Performance, which also replaces the R8 Plus.

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via caranddriver.com

A new TT RS is also expected from the company while two other high-performance cars - the RS 7 Sportback and the RS 6 Avant, to be precise - are tipped for same. The RS 6 Avant, meanwhile, could be set for a rollout in Europe - Audi USA has called for it to find its way to American shores too.

The publication goes on to state that the nine S models are likely to be a mix of cars and SUVs, with the S8 sedan and the SQ8 SUV touted to also drop this year. A new S7 Sportback, sedan and Avant versions of the S6 and SQ2 small SUV could also be part and parcel.

The TT RS is already on the way and a TTS is likely also in the making. There is also an existent diesel SQ7 overseas so a gas version remains a probability where the S group is concerned.

The S4 could be the last of the S models although it's a bit early for a revamp, given that it was already redesigned for the 2017 model year.

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