Audi Q3 Spotted Without Camo

Audi Q3 Spotted Without Camo

The next generation of Audi Q3 has been spotted on the road wearing virtually nothing to cover it up.

Audi’s Q3 crossover is getting a little long in the tooth. The current first-generation model, initially released way back in 2011, is starting to show its age and is due for a replacement.

Lucky for Audi, parent-company Volkswagen has a brand new modular chassis to make a new car out of. VW’s MQB platform serves as the underpinnings of the new 2019 Jetta, the smaller Q2 crossover, and many more vehicles throughout the Volkswagen empire. And now it will be what Audi builds a new Q3 from.

Or maybe we should say has built from. The 2019 Q3 has been spotted out in public without any camouflage disguise at all. There’s a little bit of tape around the headlights and tail lights to sort of disguise their look, but we think it more likely that Audi is just embarrassed about using halogen bulbs on a 2019 car.

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Also, the Audi logo is missing. As if that’d keep us from spotting an Audi. Please.

The Q3 bears a striking resemblance to the range-topping Q8 SUV. Note the front fascia looks almost identical except for the vents beside the grille that will almost certainly become fog lights on a higher trim model. The small-ish tires also identify this prototype as a likely base-level trim.

Unlike on the Q8 which has a set of LED taillights that stretch all the way across the tailgate, this Q3 has a pair of halogen bulbs that end well before the license plate. One can only assume that Audi had a surplus of bulbs and needed to find a way of getting rid of them.

Audi Q3 Spotted Without Camo
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Also of note is the wide exhaust tips that are almost certainly fake. Perhaps higher trims will get a fancy set of pipes, but you can see the real exhaust is pointed downward just beneath the fake tips.

The side mirrors moved onto the door from their previous location at the base of the front pillars. It doesn’t seem any larger or smaller than the current Q3, but we might find that Audi has found some way to squeeze another square foot or two out of the interior.

With so little camo left, expect the Q3 to debut any day now.


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