Audi R8 Spotted With A New Look

The Audi R8 is was spotted prowling in the wild, and it turns out Audi has done some body work!

Audi R8 Spotted With A New Look

Audi’s refreshed R8 has been spotted with a bit of a new look.

The R8 is getting a bit of love from Audi as a new one is spotted in spy photos. The swirly vinyl hardly covers anything at all, so we have a great view of what’s new on this latest example of Audi’s flagship luxury sports car.

Most of the changes to the R8 are on the front and the back. The new R8 has a much larger center grille, with the center triangles now stretching far enough to be just beneath the edge of the headlamps. The smaller grilles on either side have shrunk to the point where they’re no longer pushed right up to the head lights as well.


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The side skirts seem a little different as we make our way to the back end, appearing more angular and less soft, but the back end of the car is a completely different story. The rear grille now stretches from one end of the car to the other instead of just appearing beneath each taillamp. This change alone totally changes the rear look of the car.

Another big update is the new exhaust. Rather than the quad-exhaust that was squared off and in line with the bodywork of the car, the R8 now sports paired oval exhausts. The diffuser, tail lamps, and rear windshield all appear the same as last year’s model.

via autoblog

Thanks to some leaked production documents from Audi (courtesy of Autobahn.de) we know that Audi plans to release a version of the R8 with a twin-turbo V6 starting this year. The 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 is the same engine found in the Porsche Panamera, Audi RS4, and RS5. On the Panamera it produces 434 bhp, but Audi says the R8 version will easily top 500.

Those same production docs also say the new R8 is a light refresh rather than a big one, so the new V6 option is likely to be the only major change.

Expect to the new R8 sometime this year.


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