Complete Guide To Audi's Car Lineup

Audi is a popular German luxury car brand with a lot to choose from, so we've done the work and compiled a complete guide to their lineup.

Germany has become, quite possibly, one of the most production-focused countries in all of Europe. This year alone, investors and analysts speculate a trade surplus of nearly $300 billion for the state. Needless to say, with figures like that, Germany is a powerhouse of innovation and manufacturing, especially in the automotive industry.

To the everyday consumer (Particularly Americans), German cars are seen as some of the best on the market for their build quality, speed, looks, and much much more. A brand that stands out from the prolific crowd of German carmakers is that of Audi: Simultaneously creating luxurious/comfortable vehicles that can also flatten a curve.

If you've got your eye on an Audi and want to know more, then look no further; here's a complete guide to Audi's vehicle lineup...

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10 Reputation

Since the early 1980s, Audi has been at the forefront of innovation, quality, and desirability among consumers around the world. Where it all began, however, was their success in motorsports and rally racing.

Audi's competition in off-road race series like the W.R.C. (World Rally Cross) and Group B lead them to design, perhaps, the best all-wheel-drive system known to man: The Quattro. Afterwards, it's all history. Nowadays, Audi is still viewed as a leader in the fields of innovation, new technology, and (Last, but certainly not least) headlights.

9 Safety

As stated earlier, Audi is (easily) considered to be among one history's greatest carmakers. They've earned this reputation many ways; one being their excessive attention-to-detail and perfection of their car's safety standards.

Compared to other vehicles in a similar category (Such as G.M., Volkswagen, and others), Audi surpasses them by far. According to the I.I.H.S. (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), Audi's A and Q-series received "Superior" ratings for crash safety.

8 Sedans

Audi isn't like Mercedes-Benz; no confusing designations for every new vehicle (Making it hard to keep up). Instead, they're simplistic, such as their A-series sedans which differ by only one digit.

Audi's sedans are as follows: The A3 (S3/RS3), A4 (S4), A5 Sportback (S5/RS5 Sportback), A6 (S6), A7 (S7), and A8 (S8). See? Simple enough; the further up you go, the more expensive, large, luxurious and quick they become. The A3 to RS5 models range between $33,000 to $70,000, while the higher-end versions, A6 to S8, fluctuate between $55,000 to a jaw-dropping $128,000.

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7 Sports/Coupes

Just like with their Sedans, Audi's sport versions follow a similar patter: The higher the number, the more expensive, fast, and luxurious. Today, Audi has a vast selection of sports cars.

Audi's sports/coupes vary in several categories with the R8 being the fastest (And most expensive at $172K to $182K). Underneath the R8 (And R8 Spider), you have the TT RS and RS5 Coupe ($66,000 and $75,000, respectively). Other than those, the rest of the sports car models are sedans/hatchbacks like the RS6 Avant, RS5 Sportback, and RS3.

6 SUVs

Unlike the sedans and sports/coupes, Audi's SUVs do not fall under the A-series or S-series. Instead, they are designated as "Q" to differentiate between the body types. Nevertheless, they've still made some upgraded version with an "S" title.

These are the list of Audi SUVs: Q3 ($35,000), Q5 (And SQ5 for about $7,000 extra), Q7 ($53,000), and Q8 (~$70,000). Although they fall under a different category/name, the SUVs still take after the standard Audi model setup: lower number equal lower price, and Vice Versa.

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5 Hatchbacks

Thankfully, Audi doesn't limit a majority of their hatchbacks/Avants for overseas. Rather, they try their hardest to make vehicles that comply with European and American regulations. Because of this, customers' State-side has plenty of choices for a cool hatchback.

The most affordable option is the relatively compact Audi A4 Allroad (About $45,000). They've also got vehicles A6 and S6 Avant, along with incredibly powerful RS4 and RS6 Avant ($50,000 to $100,000+). Even though they're expensive, they are well worth the money.

4 Electrics/Hybrids

Compared to like likes of BMW, Toyota and Nissan, Audi is falling behind in their electric and hybrid vehicle lineup. This, though, doesn't mean there isn't room for change, as Audi has several concepts and plans for the future.

As of now, there's only one hybrid vehicle and one all-electric: The Q5 and e-Tron. The e-Tron is significantly more expensive than the Q5 ($44,000 to the E-Tron's $75,000). For the future, however, Audi plans on making more e-Tron models; including the e-Tron GT and PB18 e-Tron.

3 Budget (Lower End)

In terms of "low-budget," Audi isn't always the best source to find a cheap vehicle from, especially here in The States. Yet, there are a few ones that someone on a budget could (Possibly) afford.

The cheapest Audi's available are the 3-models, such as the Q3 and A3. These are the lowest-tier Audi's, but Audi's nonetheless, so you can expect the same quality that you'd get from all their cars. For about $32,000, you can make these Audi's your own.

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2 Budget (Higher End)

Just like with BMW and other high-end European automotive manufacturers, Audi is also a great place to spend some cash. Whether your aim is luxury or all outperformance, you'll surely find it in Audi's best vehicles.

The most expensive car, by far, is their R8 series; comprised of both a coupe and convertible version. To add to that, anything with an "RS" badge is sure to cost a hefty sum as well, since they're all tuned and designed with the highest level of scrutiny. If you've got anywhere between $50,000 and $190,000, then consider visiting your local Audi dealership.

1 Extra Information

Sometimes, car enthusiasts seem to overlook Audi. Not for their lack of great vehicles, but for a low number of affordable models for the everyday car lover. However, this problem can be negated by looking for older, used, models.

Some of the best Audi's have come from the past, particularly the Quattro and S4/RS4 (A direct competitor to the E46 M3). Along with those, there's a wide variety of less sporty, but still cheap, used Audi's on the market. Be wary, though, because not every Audi out there is known for amazing reliability or low-cost parts (We're looking at you, Audi A4!).

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