Articles by Andre Nalin

Ranking Every Concept Car Revealed In 2018

Car Culture

2018 has brought us some incredible concept cars, ranging from extremely weird to stunningly beautiful, and from painstakingly slow to warp-speed fast, but they were all innovative in one way or anoth...

25 Cars Women Love Seeing Men Drive

Car Culture

Ask a bunch of men what their favorite things in life are and you'll notice a pattern. There will be a few things that are hardwired into the bizarre minds of us men - sports, cars, and women. And eve...

25 "Upgrades" That Plummet A Car's Value

Motor Hub

Lots of people enjoy tinkering with their car. Improving its performance, making it more usable for their needs, and changing the overall aesthetics are just some of the things done to personalize a c...

30 Celebrities Who Also Race Cars

Car Entertainment

There are celebrities taking part in various sports at charity events, whether it's golf or tennis or some other calming activity. The celebrities we're going to focus on are of a different breed.

25 Old Motorcycles That Are Dirt Cheap Today

Motor Hub

One of my favorite pastimes is searching the web for old cars and bikes, dreaming about becoming the proud owner of some obscure ride most people have never heard of, or at least not seen on the roads...