Articles by Arun Pundir

The Fast Lane

10 Of The Fastest Police Cars Ever Made

Look at any cop movie, and mostly you tend to see them driving ramshackle cars that have seen better days. Cops are often portrayed cussing the villains in sheer desperation when their ride fails to k...

Car Culture

10 Of The Worst-Selling Cars Ever Made

What makes for poor sales of a car? A bad car, obviously because sometimes even the best of carmakers can err. Sometimes though, a car selling badly isn’t indicative of quality but timing. A car ahead...

Car Culture

10 Worst JDM Cars, Ranked

When you hear JDM – it means only the cars Japan makes for Japan, which can be imported into the US after a 25-year cooling period, and at a steep cost. That said; there are now very few cars that Jap...

Motor Hub

10 Most Powerful 90s Trucks, Ranked

The 90s was an all-time high for trucks. This was the time of the bad sedans because suddenly, everyone wanted a big, bad car. No one wanted a small, compact set of wheels anymore so this was the deca...

Car Culture

10 Most Unforgettable 90s Sleeper Cars

Much like there was something about Mary, there is something about sleeper cars. These are the cars that look staid, placid even, but tend to zoom like rockets when the accelerator is floored. And thi...

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