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Ranking The 20 Worst American Cars Ever Made

When good cars come out, most of us wish to own or drive one. That was the case with the Alfa Romeo Giulia in 2018. The current model looks fabulous, drives even more fabulously, and has a fabulously reasonable price of $38K.

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20 Pictures Of The New Chevy Camaro SS

As I was looking for hotels recently, I was inundated with choices. Which hotel? Oh, that’s 0.5 miles closer to my destination the next day. No, the other one is 0.8 miles closer. Ooh, look at this on...

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Buy American: 20 Cars We'd Pick Over Imports

Some nations naturally have it better—or more appropriately, they've done so well in some sectors of the automotive industry that we think they were born with an innate talent to build the automotive ...

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The 20 Fastest Pickups To Go 0-60 MPH

"Pickup truck" is broadly defined as a light-duty truck with an open cargo area. Pickups started appearing in the market in the 1950s, when people started seeing a use for an open cargo room in the ba...

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