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Car Culture

19 Squids And Their Ugly Modded Motorcycles

You may be asking yourself, what is a squid? Well, it’s pretty hard to define, but here it goes. A squid is a term commonly used to describe someone riding a motorcycle with a lack of common sense. Ur...

Car Entertainment

20 Times Overhaulin' Totally Messed Up

It’s no secret that nothing is quite what it seems on TV. Reality TV shows, especially, may seem like they’re completely true and off-the-cuff but that’s not the case. Almost all of them are scripted ...

Motor Hub

20 Most Common Myths About Motorcycles

There are many urban myths and misconceptions that float around regarding motorcyclists and the bikes they ride. If you get a group of motorcyclists together to talk about safety and crashes, chances ...

Motor Hub

20 Car Features That Almost Never Happened

We have a lot to be thankful for these days, especially in terms of advanced car technologies. Every year, it seems like something new and shiny is introduced and then built upon, perfected, and then ...

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