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The Fast Lane

10 Fastest Cars Under 20K, Ranked

Having $20,000 a decade ago could get you a decent race car, today, the same amount can only get you an expensive watch, or a decent holiday for you and the missus. If you are lucky, $20k will get you...

Car Culture

10 Best Sleeper Cars, Ranked

Form or function? It’s an ever-ending debate in the car world. But let’s face it, most people buy cars due to looks and not specifically what’s under the hood. Different people enjoy cars for differen...

Motor Hub

10 Ways To Save Money Buying A Tesla

Elon Musk seems to be the proverbial King Midas, everything he touches turns to gold, and as you might have guessed, Tesla is no exception. Tesla has sparked a new wave in the automotive world. It has...

Car Culture

20 Cars That Belong In Your Dream Garage

Supercars and high-end luxury cars spur a lot of imagination. However, very few of us will ever have the exclusive chance to own them. As car enthusiasts, we have that one car or a list of cars that w...

Car Culture

Ranking The Worst Car Mods Of All Time

Ever had the chance to watch MTV's famous car show Pimp my Ride? If not, well, you don’t need to worry if you didn't have the chance to watch it because it was canceled years ago. However, if it were ...

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