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20 Reasons To Buy A GM Car Over A Ford

Motor Hub

Two of this country's biggest car brands are that of Ford and GM, and they seem to be ones that many buyers choose when they want a new car, aside from foreign brands such as Toyota and Nissan. Both b...

22 Cars No One Should Ever Buy Used (Or New)

Motor Hub

When we set out to buy a car in the modern age, a variety of options are at our disposal. But the main choice we have is between buying a new car or a used one, and of course, there are pros and cons ...

18 Sports Cars That Didn't Age Well At All

Car Culture

Sports cars are one of the most popular types of car on the market, and not just for their performance, as well. More often than not, sports cars are some of the best-looking cars on the road. Add in ...

The 21 Worst Ways To "Improve" A Car

Car Culture

No matter what car we own, gearheads always at some point set about fine-tuning and refitting beloved automobiles, trying to improve it in whatever way we can in order to make it look better or perfor...

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