Articles by Ian Cornelius

Car Culture

15 Urban Legends Ferrari Completely Denies

When the first Ferrari was produced in the year 1940, the company might have not expected the success levels it was going to hit till date. With Enzo Ferrari at the wheel, the company kept on growing ...

Car Entertainment

16 Times MTV Lied To Us About Cars

‘Please, MTV, Pimp my Ride’. That was the trademark statement in the reality show Pimp my Ride. What would MTV be without this show? The show brought all kinds of gearheads together to see the wonders...

Car Entertainment

19 License Plates The DMV Let Slip By

The DMV is the body that regulates the approval and collection of a car’s license plate number or a driver’s license. Therefore, it’s every new car owner’s obligation to go to the DMV to get their car...

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