Jason Collins

Native Los Angeleno, freelance writer and world traveler. An unabashed car junkie with a love of everything motor. While I have never raced for "pinks" I have had the pleasure of drifting aimlessly through Tokyo. No actual cars were involved. My interests include watching re-runs of Monty Python's Flying Circus, birdwatching, engine tuning, and the occasional audio book.

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10 Most Disappointing Muscle Cars Of The Decade

Powerful, high-speed, high-performance-these are just some of the adjectives often associated with muscle cars. While the meaning of the term "muscle car" is subjective, there are cars whose status as an automotive tour de force is just questionable.

Car Culture

Complete Guide To Mazda's Car Lineup

Mazda, known for its famous tagline "Driving Matters," is making a buzz in the automotive industry. With its stunning new innovations and designs, it has been capturing the eager eyes of car enthusias...

Car Culture

Complete Guide To Subaru's Car Lineup

Subaru, which takes its name from the Japanese word for the constellation known as the Pleiades, has its origins in early large transportation machinery. The auto manufacturer we know as Subaru Americ...