Johnny DeKock

I am a recent graduate from the Advanced Journalism program at Mohawk College, Hamilton ON. Currently living in Toronto and looking to pursue my dream career, that has yet to be discovered. For now, I am freelancing and learning more about the industry.

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Car Culture

10 Cars With The Best Resale Value

Life is always changing, you never know when you’ll need an upgrade for a vehicle, one that’s larger or smaller or simply just a change. Since vehicles are expensive enough, there’s no point in losing...

Dangerous Cars Featured
Car Culture

10 Of The Most Dangerous Cars Ever Made

The safety reviews are one of the most important features that should be known about to find the car that is best for yourself and those you travel with. Certain vehicles have been designed poorly, le...

Motor Hub

10 Tips For Driving RWD During Winter

Driving a car in the winter can be scary enough, and a car with rear-wheel drive (RWD) can make it even worse. It is possible to drive a car with RWD during the winter, but staying twice as careful an...

Car Culture

10 Ways To Keep Your Garage Presentable

The ideal place for storage is in your garage. Some items are small and easy to store, others are large and difficult to find a spot for. You also can’t forget about the miscellaneous things, such as ...

Car Culture

The Do's And Don'ts For Buying A New Car

Looking for the best deal is what everyone is after when purchasing any product. Especially, when it comes to such a large investment, like buying a car. You’re going to want to look into how to play ...