James Jacobs

James Jacobs is a freelance writer and U.C.F. Undergraduate student. I've been a busser, food-runner, host, and tutor previously. Now, I work for Valnet and HotCars as a writer, discussing and analyzing my passion: Cars and the automotive industry in general.

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Car Culture

2018 Ford Focus Electric: Pros & Cons

Now so more than ever, consumers and car manufacturers are turning towards alternative forms of powering their cars. The most successful, so far, is that of electric and hybrid vehicles, with some bra...

Car Entertainment

10 Car Models That Toyota No Longer Makes

Over the years, Japanese car manufacturers have become more and more popular throughout the globe. As such, Japan has become a net exporter of vehicles and many other commodities. Of all the Japan-based carmakers, one of the best is that of Toyota.

Car Culture

10 Best Porsche Models Of The Decade

As the old saying goes, "If it's not broken, then don't fix it." Porsche, more so than almost every other car manufacturer, seems to have taken this philosophy to its ultimate conclusion. Since the 19...

Car Entertainment

Complete Guide To Audi's Car Lineup

Germany has become, quite possibly, one of the most production-focused countries in all of Europe. This year alone, investors and analysts speculate a trade surplus of nearly $300 billion for the stat...

Car Entertainment

10 Best AWD Sedans For The Snow

As 2019 is in its final stretch, there's a big problem starting again that plagues millions of driver around the world each year. Of course, we're talking about the winter. More specifically though, the snow that the winter season brings along.

Car Entertainment

Complete Guide To Ford's Car Lineup

Once in a few generations, someone is born who will go on to revolutionize the world. This could be in terms of a political movement, scientific discovery, or an invention. In more recent history, the...

Car Entertainment

10 Cool Facts About The Lister Storm

The business of making cars is no easy feat, especially those of the high-end performance categories. To be successful, you need years of practice, decades to build the brand, and (If you want to make...

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