Articles by Lyndi Hopkins

25 Places Where Cars Are Against The Law

Car Culture

Have you ever wondered why certain areas that were once at the pinnacle of historical beauty are now ugly modern-day dumps? A lot of the changes—but not all—have to do with our most common mode of tra...

25 Problems With Tesla Nobody Talks About

Car Culture

There are a few reasons why people tend to gravitate toward big names like Tesla. For one, the more popularized something is, the more that consumers seem to trust the quality of said product. However...

23 Pictures Of Drivers Who Got Stuck

Car Entertainment

It’s human nature to make a mistake once in a while. This is why car insurance is pretty much required everywhere with an organized transportation system. We’re all at fault to our own skewed judgment...

20 T-Top Cars No One Should Ever Buy

Motor Hub

Many of the unsuspecting teens and naïve buyers are willing to scoop up a T-top for it’s cool, retro styling. Of course, they are pretty neat-looking cars but many of them have a long-standing problem...

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