My name is Muhammad Ahmad and I love to write about anything that is mechanical, especially cars. I am a student of engineering who likes to appreciate the beauty of these machines. These massive growling engines, spooling turbos and the smell of burnt rubber is like an orchestra of sensation that everyone needs to get a taste of. So be sure to visit us for up to date knowledge, entertainment and criticism about the best cars in the world.

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Car Culture

24 Cars Built In Really Weird Places

Many car enthusiasts associate their favorite automobiles to their respective brands, while some even go so far as to incorporate the country of that brand's inception. For example, Italy is a commonp...

Motor Hub

20 Secrets Every Ford Driver Should Know

I'll be straight up with you. There are some pretty deep secrets that Ford has hidden up their sleeves, and it was quite a shocker to learn about some of them when I was researching for this article. ...

Motor Hub

Top 20 Cars Produced By Americans

The United States of America is home to some of the most popular car companies in the world. Companies such as Ford, Chevrolet, Tesla and many others have manufactured some of the most used cars in Am...

Car Culture

20 Insane Cars You'll Only See In Dubai

Dubai is one of the richest emirates of the UAE; it's also one of the most glamorous and most exciting cities in the world. Dubai isn't the place it used to be in the past. The sudden boom of growth c...

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