Articles by Allen Moore

20 Expensive Supercars That Are Junk

Car Culture

Supercars are fast, sleek, exotic and sexy. They (usually) personify the greatest, state of the art driving technology from around the world. Some of the greatest automotive design minds are making a ...

15 Times Car Companies Sued Their Customers

Car Culture

Unfortunately, if you’re an American, you live in a very litigious society. A large number of people want to sue others at the drop of a hat. A lot of lawyers who get paid to sue on someone’s behalf, ...

9 Sick Rat Rods (And 10 That Are Not Ok)

Car Culture

For some, assuming the term “Rat Rod” was named after Ed Roth’s car culture icon Rat Fink is a logical guess. If you’re even remotely into cars, you’ve seen the old tee shirts, with Rat Fink (a rather...