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Car Culture

10 Badass Custom Mercedes G-Wagons

Often referred to as the G-Wagon, the Mercedes G-class is one of the most iconic SUVs ever created. The car was originally developed for military use, but after the first civilian model was sold in 19...

Car Entertainment

10 Coolest Cars For Drag Racing

Drag racing has been around for almost as long as cars themselves. The sport has garnered popularity as a display of the quickest and most beastly vehicles out there directly competing one against the...

Car Entertainment

10 Best Entry-Level Luxury Cars

Today, high-end luxury is a concept that is no longer enjoyed only in the largest, most expensive and excessive automobiles; it can be found in more compact and affordable packages as well. Due to the...

Car Entertainment

10 Most Iconic Car Movies, Ranked

It's easy to put cars in a movie, but deceivingly difficult to make it a good car movie. And in order to appeal to true gearheads, car movies need to display the right passion and commitment to the au...

Car Culture

10 Most Timeless Car Designs

With a majority of cars designed to appeal to the current automotive industry trends and consumer preferences, automobile designs have a tendency to quickly age and become unattractive and obsolete by...

Car Entertainment

10 Best Lego Car Sets, Ranked

Since it first put smiles on the faces of children around the world in 1949, Lego has made a name for itself as perhaps the most timeless, prevalent, and versatile creative toy to date. Now, almost 70...

Car Entertainment

10 Greatest Tuner Cars, Ranked

The term tuner is often associated with JDM cars, and for good reason. Most tuners hail from the golden era of JDMs — the '90s. During this period, and spanning until 2005, Japan was experiencing an e...

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