Torstein Salvesen

Torstein Salvesen grew up surrounded by Los Angeles car culture, going to small enthusiast meets and enormous industry shows. He learned to drive stick shift in a 1948 Chevy pickup with no first gear and currently struggles through LA traffic in a 2001 Audi TT 6-speed. These days he mostly rides his bicycle in town and heads out to Malibu or the Angeles Crest Highway for fun mornings in the canyons. He's written in various media since graduating from UC Berkeley in 2010.

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Roush Unveils Off-Road 2020 Ford F-150

Roush has long been affiliated with Ford, tuning up Mustangs into wild track monsters that look as great as they perform. But in recent years, the company has also branched out to provide upgrades to ...

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2020 Ford Explorer Preview & Buyer's Guide

Ford completely redesigned the interior and exterior of the 2020 Explorer, which returns to a rear-wheel-drive layout for its sixth generation. Modern creature comforts get a huge bump up yet the over...

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2019 Subaru Forester Preview & Buyer's Guide

The 2019 model year marks the debut of the Subaru Forester's fifth official generation, and although things remain largely the same on the outside, under the skin is a toned-down commuter SUV with plenty of tech and comfort for any price point.

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Why Ford Is Bringing Back The Ranger

The Ford Ranger once belonged to an era of lightweight, compact, domestic pickup trucks. Now, the Ranger occupies a new niche has apparently prompted Ford to bring the model back to the United States ...

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Why Ford Is Bringing Back The Bronco

As Ford fans and aficionados eagerly await the official reveal of the forthcoming Bronco, many are nonetheless left wondering why, exactly, Ford has decided to reboot the legendary model. Of course, t...

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