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Car Entertainment

20 Amusing Photos Of ATVs Getting Stuck

We often feature cars and vehicles getting stuck in various types of terrain, usually, it's 4x4s or the kinds of cars that really have absolutely no business being off-road anyway. They provide a warning example as well as a really good laugh.

Car Culture

25 Cars People "Tried" Turning Into 4x4s

The 4x4 is a model of car that is vastly popular among countless people around the globe. The idea of a vehicle that can conquer almost any terrain is quite a desirable one, an idea that a lot of peop...

Car Culture

26 Stanced Cars That Are Actually Cool

There really isn't a sub-culture that's made fun of more than stanced cars, otherwise known as lowered cars, fitted cars, slammed, bagged, and many other names. They all refer to basically the same co...

Car Culture

24 Forgotten Concept Cars Of The 2000s

Concept cars inspire the imagination in a way that is unlike almost anything else because the concept car does something very special: it combines the potential of the future, the promises of incredib...

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