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Car Entertainment

10 Weirdest Races Ever Invented

We have all heard of famous races like the Indy 500 or the Monaco Grand Prix, but some other races leave us scratching our heads. These races are weird and some even consider the very thought of them ...

Car Culture

Trucks With The Worst Fuel Economy, Ranked

Trucks are known to guzzle down gallons of gas like nobody's business, but some are worse than others. 2019 has seen the release of over twenty different trucks and some of these will cost you more in...

Car Culture

10 Most Badass Hummer Models, Ranked

The Hummer may no longer be in production, but that doesn't mean its original line doesn't deserve some sort of praise. It may not have been the best vehicle on the market, but it was the epitome of t...

Motor Hub

10 EV Startups You Should Keep An Eye On

EV startups are popping up left and right during this electric car revolution that has begun to change the world as we know it. It is a new age that involves the implementation of environmentally frie...

Car Culture

10 Things That Make A Car "Entry-Level"

We have all heard of cars described as "entry-level" vehicles, but what exactly does this mean? Some of us might see it as a vehicle to stay away from, while others might see it as an opportunity. We ...

Car Culture

Top 10 Entry-Level Drift Cars, Ranked

We all watch as professionals drift in their cars across our television screens, but there are some of us who want to try it for ourselves. We dream of flying across the pavement, leaving a trail of d...

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