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Motor Hub

20 Things Car Buffs Don't Know About Honda

Honda, as an automobile manufacturer, was officially incorporated in 1946, but its history goes further than that. The company was the brilliance of the founder Soichiro Honda, who had always had an i...

The Fast Lane

20 Mustangs Every American Wants To Drive

The Mustang is the quintessential American muscle car. It's been on the assembly line since 1965, but its history stretches further than that. In order to understand and appreciate the Ford Mustang, w...

Motor Hub

Ranking The 20 Worst Electric Cars Ever Made

It takes a lot of hard work to come up with an electric vehicle. They're slowly becoming mainstream, but it wasn't the case a couple of years ago. A century ago, the mass production of electric vehicl...

Car Culture

25 Of The Cheapest DIY Cars Mods

A good looking car is like a beautiful woman. People will always stare at her wherever she is and even in the dark she will glow. If you are a car enthusiast, chances are you are driving your dream ca...

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