Avengers Assemble: 24 Pics Of MCU Stars And Their Cars

The actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are an anomaly. Besides maybe Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, never before has a cast of people seen so much success over such a long span of time from one franchise. Since 2008 and the introduction of Iron Man, the MCU has been releasing new superhero films yearly, taking the world (and box-office records) by storm. With the newest release of Avengers: Infinity War, which is already the 5th highest-grossing film of all time (and shows no plan of stopping) the MCU is ready to enter into its fourth “Phase.” With a collective series gross of $16.5 billion, the MCU is the highest-grossing film franchise of all time.

Some of the actors starring in the MCU have grown famous because of their roles, others have become household names because of the series, and others have seen a renaissance in their careers thanks to the MCU. Basically, anything the MCU touches turns to gold. And with all that money comes some pretty sweet rides. Not all of the people listed here are car collectors, and some of them even opt to drive cars that aren’t all that impressive or flashy, because let’s be real, when you star in a superhero franchise, you don’t really have to impress anyone.

But like every industry, there are a select few who absolutely love cars. Here are 24 MCU stars and their sweet cars.

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24 Chris Hemsworth: Cadillac SRX

via pinterest.com

Chris Hemsworth is of course known for his role in the MCU as Thor, son of Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins). He’s become a fan favorite thanks to his looks, his Australian accent, and his off-the-cuff hilarity in playing the Norse God. Thor: Ragnarok, the third installment in his character’s series, was one of the most highly praised Marvel movies in recent memory, thanks to its comedic value and action, and for straying away from the too-serious qualities of the other Thor movies.

Hemsworth has also played a race car driver in the film Rush, which chronicled the high-octane rivalry between professional Formula One drivers of the ‘70s, James Hunt (played by Hemsworth), and Niki Lauda. So he has a bit of history with cars.

As far as his garage, Hemsworth seems to be a lover of all things SUV. His garage includes an Audi Q7, a Cadillac SRX (pictured here), a Cadillac Escalade, and an Acura MDX, all of which are high-quality SUVs. These vehicles are big enough to house his entire family, which includes his wife Elsa Pataky (sorry ladies, he’s off the market), his two sons Tristan and Sasha Hemsworth, and his daughter India Rose Hemsworth.

23 Chadwick Boseman: Lexus LC 500h

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Chadwick Boseman is known for his role as the King of Wakanda, T’Challa, aka Black Panther. He’s one of the newest and most successful Avengers, as the film Black Panther has not only become the 4th highest-grossing superhero movie of all time (behind the three Avengers films), but also the 9th highest-grossing film of all time, with a combined box office gross of $1.342 billion. It was the first superhero movie with a black lead actor, and became quite a movement in its own right—a feat that all the stars of the film should be proud of.

Just as T’Challa exudes class and luxury, so does the car that Boseman drives. He was first seen in a 2018 Lexus LS 500 F Sport in a Lexus commercial that aired during the Super Bowl this year, in preparation of Black Panther’s February 16th release. Keeping true to form, Boseman drives a Lexus in real life, too, a Lexus LC 500h. The car, which starts at around $150,000, was reportedly bought with the paycheck he made from the Black Panther film. It seems like the only way for Chadwick is up, as there are already three more Black Panther films slated for release, going well into the 2020s.

22 Mark Ruffalo: BMW i3

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Mark Ruffalo has become America’s favorite “dad” actor, for his countless fatherly roles that he’s played over the years. But he also plays a much angrier, aggressive character in Bruce Banner, as the green giant, The Hulk. Ruffalo plays the role with aplomb, and though there’s been countless iterations of the Hulk character (played by Lou Ferrigno, Eric Bana, Bill Bixby, Edward Norton, and others), many people’s favorite big green guy is Mark Ruffalo. Though as the green machine he doesn’t have many speaking lines, The Hulk is still one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel universe. (And as a physicist, he does have many speaking lines.)

Ruffalo’s car garage consists of a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, an Audi Q7, a Tesla Model S, and our personal pick, a BMW i3. We chose this car to feature because it seems such an odd choice at face value for an actor like Ruffalo to drive.

It’s the greenest BMW (ha!), and is powered by an electric powertrain and underfloor Li-ion battery pack with an optional range-extending gasoline engine. It was BMW’s first mass-produced zero emissions vehicle, and it was launched as part of BMW’s electric sub-brand, BMW i. As of December 2016, the i3 became the world’s third best-selling all-electric car in history, with over 65,000 units sold since its inception in 2014.

21 Tom Hiddleston: Jaguar F-Type

via wikimedia.org

Some may say that Benedict Cumberbatch is the most English actor on the MCU roster, but they may be mistaking. Tea-drinking, mischief-making, butt-kicking Tom Hiddleston could just as easily take that crown. Hiddleston is known for his performances in a multitude of West End theater productions, including Cymbeline (which won him a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Newcomer in a Play), and Othello. He’s also known for many BBC series, and popular flicks. But the MCU knows him as none other than Loki, brother of Thor, son of Asgard (and Odin), and perhaps everyone’s favorite bamboozler in the Avengers films.

It seems that wherever Thor goes, Loki is there to thwart him, and he typically does it by out-smarting and out-playing his opponents. Before becoming a temporary member of the Avengers (if it can be called that), he was the primary antagonist in the first Avengers film (and Thor). Hiddleston himself is a frequent spokesperson and the voice of Jaguar, making popular the range of ads titled “Art of Villainy.” It was a very successful campaign, alongside Ben Kingsley and others, and in true loyal form—and directly opposed to the character he plays—he drives a Jaguar F-Type.

20 Samuel L. Jackson: Maybach 57 S

via youtube.com

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the more veteran actors to take part in the MCU, and it shows in his veterans role: Sam plays Nick Fury, the patch-eyed leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., the man responsible for getting the Avengers together. Thanks to his integral part of the MCU, he also has one of the smartest contracts hatched up among any of the actors. Back in the early 2000s, Marvel was trying to avoid bankruptcy. Comics writers Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch worked together to try and attract audiences, and they redesigned Nick Fury to look exactly like Samuel L. Jackson.

They didn’t realize Sam was a comics reader, and he found out about their infringement. Jackson almost took legal action, but instead made a deal with Marvel: if Nick Fury were to ever appear in a Marvel film, Samuel L. Jackson would be offered the part.

Lo and behold, 18 years later, Sam Jackson is going strong as the captain of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s widely known that Samuel L. Jackson is the coolest person on Earth, so it should come as no shock to anyone that he would drive an equally cool car: the Maybach 57 S. This car started at $417,402 in 2008, but his is even more pricey and decked out: it has airplane-style custom fold-down tables, champagne flutes, a refrigerator, and a custom paint job.

19 Jeremy Renner: Mercedes-Benz W 113 Pagoda

via justjared.com

Jeremy Renner is known for his beginning roles in independent films such as Dahmer (2002) and Neo Ned (2005), as well as some roles in bigger movies. He also plays the character of Hawkeye in the MCU, appearing in four of the movies. Though he has a smaller role than many other stars on this list, that doesn’t make him any less popular. In fact, it might make him more popular, partly because of his success in playing the character, but also because he’s one of the most “human” Avengers in the line-up. It’s a shame he didn’t show up in the newest film, Infinity War.

Renner has an awesome car garage. He’s once said he wants to be retired by 45—but that doesn’t mean he’d stop working, just that he would have enough money to not have to shape his life around investments. Thank God, because he’s 47. He owns a Dodge Charger RT, a Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle, a Ferrari, a Porsche Carrera, and this beauty, a vintage classic Mercedes-Benz W 113 Pagoda. This car is quickly becoming the car-to-own if you’re a celebrity, as Kate Moss, Harry Styles of One Direction, John Travolta, James Corden, and others have all been spotted driving them recently around Los Angeles.

18 Gwyneth Paltrow: Range Rover

via lipstickalley.com

Gwyneth Paltrow first came to notice thanks to her early work, in films such as Seven, Emma, Sliding Doors, and A Perfect Murder. Then she starred in Shakespeare in Love and rose to worldwide fame, winning the Best Actress Academy Award and Golden Globe. She then went onto super-stardom in a slew of comedic and dramatic roles, before taking on the role of Pepper Pots. She first appeared in Iron Man, as Tony Stark’s assistant, before becoming something a bit more as the films progressed. She’s now married to the billionaire playboy, and she had a brief cameo talking about the upcoming wedding between her and Stark in the most recent MCU film, Avengers: Infinity War.

Paltrow has been recognized in a few cars, including a Toyota Prius (trying to save the environment, of course), a BMW X5, and her most common ride, this beautiful, white Range Rover.

She also has the luxury of being wedded to an almost-as-famous star, if not in name than in title: Chris Martin is her husband, the singer for Coldplay. She is often seen driving her Range Rover around—to and from the grocery store, to and from parties—though she is less-often seen driving with her husband in the passenger seat. But we’re not tabloids here, so we’re not going to imply or assume anything from that.

17 Idris Elba: Jaguar XE

via youtube.com

What is it with English actors driving English cars? It does make sense, of course, because Jaguar just happens to be the car company that exudes Britishness more than any other company. Idris Elba is the super-famous, super good-looking actor who plays one of the only MCU characters that might be less famous than the actor that portrays him. Put in simpler terms, he plays Heimdall, the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian sentry of Asgard who stands atop the rainbow bridge Bifrost and watches for any attacks on Asgard. He first appeared in Thor (2011), and then in Thor: The Dark World (2013), Thor: Ragnarok (2017), where he played a bigger role, and Avengers: Infinity War.

Elba is also known for his portrayals in American Gangster, Takers, and perhaps best-known for the character of DCI John Luther in BBC’s Luther, and on the other spectrum as drug trafficker Stringer Bell in HBO’s The Wire. He was also almost James Bond. Elba has his own BBC America show called Idris Elba: King of Speed, which is very, very car related. It showcases the actor driving around and learning the history of underground racing and the effect of speed on motorsport and modern cars. So you could say he’s a big car guy. He also drives a beautiful Jaguar XE, as shown here.

16 Don Cheadle: Jaguar E-Type

via sharpmagazine.com

Don Cheadle breaks the mold on one hand: he’s not a British actor; but he sticks closely to it on the other: he drives a Jaguar. He built his career throughout the 1990s with multiple performances, before starting to collaborate with director Steven Soderbergh in films like Out of Sight (1998), Traffic (2000), and Ocean’s Eleven (2001). He also won a Golden Globe in 2013 for his role as Marty Kaan in Showtime’s House of Lies.

In the MCU, he plays the character War Machine, first in Iron Man 2 (2010), then Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Infinity War.

James “Rhodey” Rhodes, aka War Machine, was first played by Terrence Howard in Iron Man, which was before the character took on the superhero mantle and before he was an Avenger. Don Cheadle took the role in Iron Man 2, and is expected to continue to do so all the way until Avengers 4, if not further. Though he’s not a major player in the MCU, War Machine was ranked 31st in IGN’s 2012 list of “Top 50 Avengers.” Cheadle himself drives a couple cars, including an Audi Q7, a Jaguar XJ, and what looks to be a classic Jaguar E-Type shown here.

15 Bradley Cooper: Mercedes G55 AMG

via youtube.com

Some people might not even know that Bradley Cooper is even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that’s only because those people haven’t been listening. It’s true, you won’t see his face anywhere, but he does play the voice-over role of Rocket Raccoon, first starring in Guardians of the Galaxy. Cooper is one of the most popular actors in today’s age, and was one of the world’s highest-paid actors for three years. He’s been nominated for four Academy Awards, two BAFTAs, and two Golden Globes. He’s also appeared on Time’s list of 100 most influential people in the world, in 2015.

Rocket Raccoon does not share the same celebrity as the actor that plays him, but he’s one of the fans’ favorites. Rocket is an anthropomorphic raccoon that can talk, is intelligent, is quite a bad-a*s, and has a strange fixation with severed body parts. Bradley Cooper drives two different cars, neither of which would probably be very supported by Rocket: a 2007 Toyota Prius (who needs to save the Earth when you can fly around the galaxy in space?) and a 2004 Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, which is quite a cool if not odd-looking, boxy Mercedes.

14 Zoe Saldana: Audi A8

via celebritycarsblog.com

Zoe Saldana is an American actress who made her screen debut in 1999 on an episode of Law & Order. She went on to play in multiple small film roles throughout the 2000s before landing her breakthrough part in 2009, as the role of Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek film reboot, and as Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar a year later. Having starred in the highest-grossing film of all time, it’s no wonder that she was off to the races. In the MCU, she plays Gamora, whose first part was in Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamora is the green-skinned, adopted daughter of Thanos, and the last of her species. Her dad is the main antagonist in the newest Avengers film, and will likely be the antagonist in Avengers 4, too. Gamora’s powers include superhuman strength and agility, an accelerated healing factor, and she’s in love with Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, though that isn’t really a power.

Off-screen, Saldana owns an Audi A8, an $82,00 luxury sedan that’s been around since 1994. The car is now in its fourth generation, and is notable for being the first mass-market car with an aluminum chassis. This is a classy ride, which fits the classy persona of Zoe Saldana quite perfectly.

13 Sebastian Stan: Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8

via twitter.com

Sebastian Stan is quickly becoming one of the fans’ most favorite stars in the MCU. He is a Romanian-American actor who first played in Gossip Girl, Kings, Once Upon a Time, and Political Animals. He gained widespread recognition for his role as Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier, the nemesis and sometime-friend of Steve Rogers (Captain America). Bucky’s first appearance came in Captain America: The First Avenger, as a “Super Soldier.” He has a bionic, detachable arm (that Rocket Raccoon is infatuated with), and frequently kicks Steve Rogers’ butt. There’s clues, hints, and rumors that speculate that Bucky will become the next Captain America after Steve Rogers’ departure.

Sebastian has a couple cars, including a Jaguar F-Type Piecha, but since we already have featured two Jaguar F-Types on this list, we’re going to go with his other car: his vintage, classic Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8.

This is the best-known Big Healey, produced from 1959 to 1967, and shown here beautifully restored. It also has a long competition history in Le Mans, Sebring, and other world-famous tournaments. We don’t think Sebastian Stan races his around—and why would he? This restored classic deserves to look this awesome for time eternal.

12 Elizabeth Olsen: Renault Espace

via gotceleb.com

Elizabeth Olsen is an American actress who broke through with her 2011 role in the independent thriller drama, Martha Marcy May Marlene. She’s been in plenty of movies since, and has slowly been growing her repertoire, though her first appearance as Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, has catapulted her career to new heights. She was originally a bad guy who left the dark side and joined the light side of the force (sorry, wrong franchise). Olsen is also known as being the younger, less-famous sister of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. While she used to live in those two’s shadows, however, she has now since eclipsed their stardom.

Olsen has quite a few cars, including a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, a Toyota Camry, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a Toyota Prius she is most frequently seen driving (to and from the gym), and a Renault Espace, which his a car you might have never heard of. It was originally a large MPV, or a van, before redesigning and becoming a sleek, crossover SUV in 2015. This car is based on the 2013 concept car, the Espace Initiale Paris, and it’s kind of funny because in the picture above, that’s where she is, in Paris.

11 Anthony Mackie: Chevrolet Corvette

via superchevy.com

Anthony Mackie is one of the actors who came into the MCU not being that famous, but will leave being quite famous indeed. He’s an American actor who’s starred in feature films, TV shows, Broadway plays, and Off-Broadway plays. He was featured in Eminem’s 2002 film debut, 8 Mile, and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Actor for his role in Brother to Brother. He joined the MCU in 2014 with his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, then going on to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War. He plays the character of Falcon, or Sam Wilson, who has mechanical wings that allow him to fly, and in the comics he has limited telepathic abilities and empathetic control over birds. He also becomes the leader of the Avengers after Steve Rogers’ retirement, so maybe we have that to look forward to…

Mackie drives a Chevy Corvette in real life, which kind of makes sense given his bad-boy persona and the roles he takes in film (Pain & Gain, Gangster Squad, The Hurt Locker, Million Dollar Baby, etc.). He became workout buddies with Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg to prepare for his role in Pain & Gain, and has since kept the cut look going.

10 Evangeline Lilly: Ford Escape

vi taddlr.com

Evangeline Lilly is a Canadian actress who came to prominence for her starring role as Kate Austen in the ABC series Lost (I knew I knew her from somewhere). She won a Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe nomination for her role as Kate. She also had a role in The Hurt Locker, like the actor above, and played an elf in the Hobbit series. In the MCU, she plays the superhero Hope van Dyne, or Wasp, in the films Ant-Man (2015), and Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018). With the latter movie, she has the distinction of being the first female in Marvel’s first film to feature a female hero in the title. (Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson is set to be the next female with her name in the title). She is supposedly going to reprise her role as the Wasp in Avengers 4.

Evangeline was recently seen filling up her Ford Escape, America’s best-selling SUV, which she loves to drive around. It’s a 2.5-liter, V6-engined SUV that delivers 178 hp.

Her particular Escape has a face-lifted interior and more luxurious accessories—including upgraded speakers, climate-control, audio-visual support—than regular Escapes, but it’s still one of the least flashy cars a celebrity could own, which says a lot about Evangeline’s character.

9 Tilda Swinton: Mercedes-Benz S-Class

via autoevolution.com

Tilda Swinton is a super popular British actress and model, known for her roles in both arthouse films and Hollywood blockbusters. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Karen Crowder in the 2007 film Michael Clayton. She began her career with experimental films, starting with Caravaggio (1986), and later appeared in bigger films like Vanilla Sky, Adaptation, and as the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia series. She appeared in 2016’s Doctor Strange as the Ancient One, a female Celtic who was the mentor of Doctor Strange, his predecessor as Sorcerer Supreme, and later his enemy. In the comics, the Ancient One is a male, so the MCU did a gender swap to allow Tilda to play this one.

Tilda starred in one of the oddest car commercials ever made, a mysterious Mercedes-Benz commercial branded as a “fashion film.” She went on to be the face of a Mercedes-Benz campaign for a time, and helped welcome the new Mercedes SS15 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico in 2015. The actress herself, who was named GQ’s Woman of the Year, drives a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which is one of the highest-rated Mercedes cars in recent memory.

8 Dave Bautista: Lamborghini Murcielago

via youtube.com

Last but certainly not least, we have Dave Bautista. He is another actor who might not be instantly recognizable in the MCU, but when you stare for a little longer, you might recognize who he plays. Bautista plays the role of Drax, the often-hilarious, woefully-depressed strong-man, and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He first appeared in that film, then in Vol. 2, then in Infinity War. Bautista is most well-known for his time in the WWE, where he fought under the ring name Batista and became a six-time world champion, winning WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship four times, and the WWE Championship twice. He wrestled from 2000 to 2010, and then from 2013 to 2014, before stepping into movies.

Bautista has an epic car collection. He owns a series of cars that are all painted sleek white: a BMW 7 Series, a Bentley Continental GT, a Jaguar F-Type, and our favorite, a Lamborghini Murcielago.

The Murcielago was Lamborghini’s flagship model between 2001 to 2010, taking over for the Diablo. It was the automaker’s first new design in 11 years, and was the first model under the brand’s new ownership of Audi, which is owned by Volkswagen. The last model was powered by the largest and final evolution of the Lamborghini V12 engine.

7 Scarlett Johansson: BMW Z4

via caranddriver.com

Scarlett Johansson has long been known as a very beautiful, very successful actress. She’s played countless roles over the years, but if fans of the MCU have a definite favorite role of hers, its for her portrayal as Natasha Romanova, aka Black Widow. Romanova first showed up in Iron Man 2, where she played an undercover spy for S.H.I.E.L.D., and now she’s starred in just about every Marvel movie since. Only why she chose the role, Johansson said, “the Black Widow character resonates with me… She is a superhero, but she’s also human. She’s small, but she’s strong…She is dark and has faced death so many times that she has a deep perspective on the value of life… It’s not hard to admire her” (original article from “W.”)

Johansson’s garage includes a Toyota Prius, as she’s one of the Hollywood elite who likes to be environmentally conscious, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and out personal favorite, a BMW Z4. She was also seen driving a jet black Corvette in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The BMW Z4 is a sleek roadster and coupe that has been around since 2002. The car is powered by a naturally aspirated, straight-six engine, and has no problems giddying up.

6 Chris Pratt: 1965 VW Beetle

via pinterest.com

Out of all the actors and actresses who have made it big in the MCU, perhaps none have shot to super-stardom higher and more rapidly than Chris Pratt. Before his debut as Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, Pratt was best known for his role as the hilarious, lovably dumb Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. He was a bit overweight and pasty in that role, and has since become a male sex icon with his chiseled abs and all the other things he’s worked on since taking on the role of Peter Quill. He is the lead of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, which once started as a sleeper series before becoming some of the most popular films in the entire MCU. He also stars in the newest Jurassic Park reboots, so there’s no sign of Pratt slowing down anytime soon!

The most impressive car he owns (and the only one we could find), is this beautifully restored, original 1965 Volkswagen Beetle. Apparently the car restoration project took 12 years to complete.

As he wrote on Instagram: “I love my 1965 VW Beetle. Building this car has been a real labor of love. And a lot of trial and error. Started with a $2500 scrapper that I won playing blackjack. Cut to 12 years and many more dollars later and it’s complete! (For now) They just don’t make them like they used to.” We must agree—it’s a beauty.

5 Benedict Cumberbatch: Jaguar F-Type

via robbreport.com

Benedict Cumberbatch is probably the most-English actor on this list, with the most English-sounding name, and his car garage is the most English-looking garage you could ask for, reflecting his personality and heritage perfectly. He’s become one of the most famous actors of this generation, thanks to his portrayal of another legendary character in English history: Sherlock Holmes. But he’s starred in countless films, too, and is seen as a supremely talented actor and all-around good guy.

Cumberbatch plays Doctor Strange in the MCU, one of the most powerful characters on the squad, and one who can do all sorts of trippy things with time. In fact, Strange is the keeper of the Time Stone, one of the Infinity Stones. Off-screen, here’s what Cumberbatch has in his garage: a MG GS (a Chinese car I had to Google just to find out what it was, originally assuming it was British), a Jaguar XJ, a Mercedes S-Class, and my personal favorite, a Jaguar F-Type. While the Jaguar XJ is the same luxury sedan used to chauffeur the British royal family around, and the UK Prime Minister, the Jaguar F-Type is a true British sports car. It’s aggressive looking, powerful (5.0-liter V8 engine, 567 hp, and a top speed of around 186 mph), and sleek, just like the actor himself.

4 Chris Evans: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

via caranddriver.com

Chris Evans has been a staple of the MCU since his first introduction as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America: The First Avenger, in 2011. He’s since starred in 10 MCU films, including all of the Avengers movies, of course. Being the leader of the group, he’s one of the most well-loved and respected characters in the Marvel universe, and he’s also well-liked off-screen, too. Unfortunately, recent reports have come out saying that Evan’s time as Steve Rogers will come to a close after Avengers 4 (Infinity War Part II), so it’s not looking so good for the first Avenger. In the comics canon, there have been plenty of other Captain Americas, so even though Rogers might not make it, you can be sure Cap will still be around after Evans’ departure.

Chris has a rather small garage, as he’s generally not a very flash person. His two cars are a Lexus ES350 sedan and a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. He’s seen driving around his white ES350 more often—a car that is reasonably priced, comfortable, and with S-Class level room. His Jeep is a bit more of what we expect from Captain ‘Murica, so that’s the one we have pictured here.

3 Peter Dinklage: Cadillac CTS

via motortrend.com

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re a horrible person for thinking it: Peter Dinklage drives? How does he reach the pedals? Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking it, and maybe I’m the horrible person. But yes, Peter Dinklage drives, and SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen the newest MCU film, Avengers: Infinity War—he’s in it. For anyone who’s been living under a rock, Peter Dinklage is best known for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the Game of Thrones series.

In Avengers: Infinity War, the character he plays might be the most meta, mind-twisting role anyone could ever think of. In the film, the Emmy-winner plays a giant dwarf named Eitri, who helps Thor recreate his mythical hammer, in order to do battle with Thanos. So let’s get this straight: he’s a little person who plays a dwarf in a film, but the dwarf is a giant… and bigger than any other character in the movie. Mind blown.

Dinklage reportedly drives a Cadillac CTS, which is perfectly suitable for one of the highest paid actors in television. This luxury/executive sedan is a sleek, stylish of the Cadillac Catera, an outdated sedan of olden days. The CTS is now in its third generation.

2 Karen Gillan: Various

via youtube.com

Karen Gillan might be the person you recognize the least on this list, and even if you’re an MCU fan you might not recognize her face. And no, it’s not because she plays a voice-over character. No, it’s because whenever you see her on screen, she’s wearing a shipload of makeup. Gillan plays the role of Nebula, first in Guardians of the Galaxy, then in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Avengers: Infinity War. Nebula is a brutal space pirate and mercenary, and captain of a massive spaceship previously under the command of Thanos. Thanos has described Nebula as his greatest creation: unable to die, but not truly alive, either.

Karen Gillan is a Scottish actress who played Amy Pond, the companion to the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, before receiving worldwide acclaim for her role as Nebula. She’s one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe, so she’s not to be messed with. Karen herself has some pretty sweet rides: she owns an Audi A4, an Audi A8, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a Ford Mustang, and this beauty, a classic Jaguar E-Type, which she can be seen leaning on to the right. The E-Type is considered by many to be the best car ever: it ranked first in the Daily Telegraphs “100 most beautiful cars of all time,” and Sports Car Internationals “Top Sports Cars of the 1960s.” Enzo Ferrari called it “the most beautiful car ever made” in 1961.

1 Robert Downey Jr.: 1970 Boss 302 Mustang

via autoblog.com

Robert Downey Jr. is the man who started the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe extravaganza with his portrayal of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man (first movie in 2008), so it makes sense that he’d be the first on this list. Ten years later, the MCU is still going strong, thanks to the recent blockbuster releases of Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, the latter of which looks set to break all sorts of box-office records, and the former of which already did. Out of all the actors that have portrayed Marvel characters, RDJ quite possibly has the best car collection, too.

In the millionaire celebrity’s garage is a 2014 Audi R8, an Audi RS7, an Audi A7 (he promotes Audi products in the United States), a twin-turbocharged V8 Bentley Continental GT, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a Nissan GT-R, a Ferrari California T, a 1967 Corvette Stingray Convertible, a Cadillac Escalade, a VW GTI, a 1970 Mercedes-Benz Pagoda, and his coolest car (in my opinion), a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang.

The Bentley was given to RDJ in lieu of back-end payment for Iron Man 3, he’s told Jalopnik. He claims the Audi R7 is “arguably one of the greatest cars ever made.” His beautiful Boss Mustang 302 debuted at the 2017 SEMA Show after he commissioned SpeedKore to customize the car. It’s a true one-of-one model, according to SpeedKore, and RDJ “was involved in the entire process of making the car.”

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