This AWD Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Police Mod Has Insane Horsepower

The AWD Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat got an intense police mod, packed with insane horsepower.

This armored all-wheel-drive Hellcat is the police cruiser that every officer dreams about.

It’s dangerous out there for our boys and girls in blue. With the whole country armed to the teeth, police cruisers need to be able to deal with a speeding stop that can quickly turn into a deadly shootout.

Although, we’re not quite certain if officers need 700 hp in addition to a bulletproof car.

Armormax doesn’t care about power requirements though. All they care about is taking an amazing car and making it so that the door panel can stop an armor-piercing round from a high-powered rifle from more than 20 feet away. So they took a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and turned it into the ultimate police cruiser.

The International Armoring Company is marketing their latest creation to government agencies and police departments that could use a 700 hp police cruiser that’s also armored like a tank. Frankly, if there’s a police department out there with enough money to waste on an armored muscle car then they need to have their funding cut, or at the very least their commissioner replaced with someone more sensible.

via Armormax

But sensible is not the Armormax way—armor is. That’s why this Charger is rated to withstand up to B7-levels of punishment. This means it can stop an armor-piercing 7.62x51 mm round from a high-powered rifle. That’s one step down from stopping cannon rounds.


In addition to armoring the door panels, Armormax also hardened the fuel tank and radiator in addition to protecting the car’s battery and ECU from electromagnetic pulse weapons.

Armored Police - Dodge Hellcat

See how the armored police car looks at night. Not only does this have dozens of lights installed but is also armored to withstand any type of attack you might face. Start the process here: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars/dodge-challenger-hellcat/

Posted by International Armoring Corporation on Monday, August 27, 2018

There’s no word on how much weight all this armoring added to the Charger, but 700 horses should be more than enough to handle however many extra pounds this car now has to deal with. And in case it can't, they upgraded the suspension to better deal with the additional tonnage.

Interestingly, Motor1 reports that this car is actually all-wheel-drive. Normal Hellcats are RWD, but police departments typically go for AWD to better handle adverse weather and the occasional need to hop curbs in pursuit of justice.

We don’t have a price listed for this thing, but it can’t possibly be as cheap as a regular Hellcat.


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