10 Awesome Race Tracks You'll Only Find In New York

New York has some of the best race tracks for professionals and fans alike. Check out our list and spend a weekend there with family and friends!

There are very few countries in the world as diverse and beautiful as the US. It goes without saying that we have the most intricate and glorious racetracks in the whole wide world. There are hilly bumpy tracks, woody courses, and sunny roads. And honestly, it’s quite a task to pick just 10 of them, but we will try to do justice with our readers and pick those which are great from multiple perspectives and located exclusively in New York.

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Whether you are a racer or a fanatic, we’ve got you covered! Pull that dusted bucket list of yours, be ready to check off the boxes, and let’s drive straight into it.

10 Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen

The Meccah of North American racers, this auto race track is located at the South of the Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen in NY. It is 3.45 miles long with a whopping 11 twisty turns. Running the show since 1948, it has it’s own league of fans and is claimed as the most popular motor track in the NY.

If you're a fan, you can enjoy NASCAR, Grand Prix, Ferrari or IMSA racing and you can also experience Wine and Beer festivals, camping, cooking and socializing! You can even drive your own cars around the actual race circuit as long as you are careful!

9 Lebanon Valley Speedway

This racing track is located in West Lebanon in New York. It is a highly banked clay track speedway for racers with a quarter-mile long drag strip with bleachers for amateurs and trainers. The track is pretty popular for their exclusive stock car racing and special events.

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If you just want to enjoy a dirt race or want to be with your family, this is the place. The tickets for the events don’t dig your pockets deep and the food is reasonably priced too. Just bring loads of cash, some earplugs and beware of restrooms!

8 Lancaster National Speedway

This old school racetrack is located in Gunnville Road, Lancaster. It is a multi-track speedway with 1/8 mile long drag strip and a 5/8 mile long stock car track. Though it is a small track, but it gives you an original big-time vibe with the genuine stock car racing and real NASCAR races.

Whether you're a high-profile racer or you just love watching races, you're going to love this track. It's a nostalgic home car race track with breathtaking action that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime!

7 Orange County Fair Speedway

This racetrack is located in Middletown, NY. It is a 0.625 miles long oval auto race track opened in 1857. Originally a horse tracker, it is one of the oldest dirt tracks of the US and has been organizing automobile races since 1919.

They have stock car racing, Orange crush, live music, concerts and more. Food and beverages are affordable and good too. Do wear sneakers as there will be lots of mud.

6 Riverhead Raceway

Riverhead Raceway is located in Riverhead, New York. It's an oval racetrack with 8 course and a quarter-mile length. The asphalt track used to be a dirt race track before 1955. It’s a go-to place for all the age-old fanatics, professional racers, young teens and everyone in between.

It is a bit on the expensive side, but hey, they have NASCAR races, demolition derbies, NASCAR modifieds and even entry-level racing. It's definitely a great place for a Saturday night hangout with family and friends, so it had to make our list!

5 Albany Saratoga Speedway

Located in Malta, New York, this one is 4/10 mile-long oval dirt track with stock cars, modifieds, limited sportsman, pro stocks, street stocks, and 4 cylinders racing. A cheap hangout place with tons of fun things to do for everyone in the family.

If you are a racer or a fanatic, you would love to join in the action at reasonable tickets. And the bathrooms are clean, too!

4 Fulton Speedway

This dirt track is a 3/8 mile long and high banked oval race track located in Fulton, Oswego county, New York. It’s a great place to be in the summer, watching races, events, demo derby and more. Real stars are Kings Smashem and World of outlaws

. Tickets are reasonably priced and the experience of small town dirt racing is incredible. Watch out for dust though, but, hey it's a dirt track! What did you expect?

3 Brewerton Speedway

The Brewerton Speedway is 1/3 mile long high banked oval racetrack shaped as a large D. It's located in Brewerton route number 11 in NY. They organize youth activities too on the top of professional and amateur races. They have Big Block modified competing against each other in Super Dirt car series and Mr Dirt car series.

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The tracks are well maintained and pretty fast too. It would be good to reach early to get a spot since parking facility is terrible. Apart from the dirt, everything is super fun.

2 Weedsport Speedway

It is a 3/8 mile long oval racetrack located in Cayuga County, Weedsport, NY. They used to call it the Cayuga County Fair Speedway. All sorts of sports cars, sprint cars, classic cars compete here with heart-stopping drama in a number of challenges and events.

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Not only that, concerts are organized too which draws in a large crowd. The strip has recently been redone which has pumped up the quality several notches up.

1 Stateline Speedway

The Stateline Speedway is a 1/3 mile long oval-shaped racetrack located in Busti, NY. It is  a semi-banked with a clay strip. The track has live-action of Street stocks, Super Late Models, Crate Late models, Compacts and e Mods competing against each other every Wednesday and Saturday throughout April to October.

It's a great racing facility to kill some time on a Friday night with a heavy dose of thrill and beer. Families can opt for non-smoking bleachers, too.

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