10 Of The Sickest Special Edition Dodges (10 That Make Zero Sense)

Here are 10 Of The Sickest Special Edition Dodges (10 That Make Zero Sense)

Dodge recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of their first production vehicle, and they have had a lot to celebrate in the last century. According to Dodge’s website about the history of the company, Dodge 100 Years, the company was founded by two brothers, Horace and John, who were known for doing everything together.

The Dodge brothers were first famously known for building bikes, and they actually first helped the Ford Motor Company build their cars before branching off and doing so themselves. 1914 marked their first year of production when they built 249 cars. Dodge was an instant hit and was the third-bestselling automaker in its very first year.

Now, a century later, Dodge is still making awesome vehicles and has become extremely popular in the past few decades after rereleasing some of their popular classics like the Challenger and the Charger in addition to their super popular SRT line of vehicles that are responsible for their record-breaking Dodge Demon. Under the SRT umbrella, Dodge has been responsible for making some of the world’s fastest cars, trucks, and SUVs. Dodge has always been known to push the limits, even doing multiple collaborations with Carrol Shelby back in the '80s, some of those collaborations still being very sought-after vehicles these days.

While most limited-edition vehicles are usually well executed, here are 10 awesome special-edition Dodge vehicles—and 10 that should've never been made.

20 Awesome: Dodge SRT10 $26,500

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The SRT10 is still a very sought-after vehicle despite the fact that they’re going to be over a decade old if you’re lucky enough to find an owner that wants to get rid of the vehicle. The SRT10 was a full-size truck that packed a Viper engine under the hood. According to Car and Driver, the massive 8.3-liter V10 was capable of making 500 hp and 525 lb/ft of torque.

The SRT10 was rare, and the Night Runner edition was even rarer; only 400 were made, and each one comes numbered.

Bring a Trailer sold one earlier this year for $26,500!

19 Awesome: 2017 Dodge Viper $199,950

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In 2017, the Viper's last year of production, Dodge decided to release not one but five limited editions of the car. According to All Par, they include the Viper 1:28 Edition ARC, the Viper GTS-R, the Viper Voodoo II Edition ACR, the Viper Snakeskin Edition GTC, and a Dodge Dealer Edition ACR. The Dodge Dealer Edition was the rarest of the bunch, as it was only sold exclusively from Roanoke Dodge of Illinois Tomball Dodge of Texas. At the very most, there were only 33 of these editions made to commemorate the Viper's last year of existence.

18 Awesome: Shelby Durango $31,000

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The Dodge Durango made its debut in the mid '90’s and was the SUV to have long before the SRT was even thought of.

According to Motor 1, they all came fashioned the same exact way: blue with white racing stripes.

That made it look very similar to the Dodge Ram 1500 NASCAR pace truck mentioned on this list. Under the hood, the Durango came packed with a supercharged 5.9 V8 magnum. With the help of the Kenne Bell Supercharger, the Durango was good for 360 hp, hence the "360" in its name.

17 Awesome: Little Red Express $19,900

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After the oil crisis in the '70s had virtually wiped muscle cars off the map, Dodge figured out a loophole to keep making hotrods, resulting in the Lil’ Red Express being born. According to Dodge Connection, at that time, a vehicle that weighed over 6,100 lbs. was exempt from having the now-required catalytic converter and a full emission circle. According to Hot Rod, the Lil’ Red Express came stocked with a 5.9-liter that was good for 225 hp and 340 lb/ft of torque.

16 Awesome: Shelby Dakota

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The next truck is considered a bit of a unicorn, as it was sadly only produced for one short year. According to Car and Driver, only 1,475 of these gems were made in 1989.

Weirdly enough, the Shelby Dakota was front-wheel drive.

Under the hood, the Shelby Dakota packed a mean punch for its days, making 175 hp and 270 lb/ft of torque at just 2,000 rpm. The very first one produced was part of Carrol Shelby's personal collection and was recently auctioned off at Barrett Jackson for almost 40k!

15 Awesome: Dodge Neon SRT4 $3,999

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The Dodge Neon was a less-than-impressive car when it first made its debut to the world; that was until the folks over at SRT got their hands on it, made it the first car bearing the SRT name. According to Motor Trend, the SRT4 came packed with a turbocharged 2.4-liter engine that could churn out 215 hp and 245 lb/ft of torque. The SRT4 could get a quarter mile done in 14.2 seconds, needing 5.6 to get to sixty—a huge improvement, to say the least, from its base model.

14 Awesome: Dodge Macho Power Wagon $13,500

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Back in the '70s, Dodge released a series of vehicles under the “Adult Toys From Dodge” umbrella, which, according to Street Muscle Mag, included the Macho. The Macho was a limited-edition package that was made for Power Wagon, and it included upgraded tires, a roll bar, and a custom paint job.

Recently, Dodge came out with a concept of an updated version of the Macho that was on display at SEMA that got enthusiasts excited that it may make a comeback.

Fingers crossed!

13 Awesome: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon $86,090

Via Dodge.com

Dodge really outdid themselves with the Demon, which is the world’s first street-legal track-intended vehicle. According to Car and Driver, the Demon is powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi that's capable of producing 808 hp and 717 lb/ft of torque. With the added crate package and some 100 octane fuel, the Demon can increase its numbers to 840 hp and 770 lb/ft of torque. Good luck getting your hands on one, as production was limited to just 3,300 Demons of which 3,000 were sold in the States. Chances are, if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one, you won’t be selling it unless it's to make a profit.

12 Awesome: Rebel TRX $TBD

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The Rebel TRX was first introduced as a concept back in 2016, and with production now confirmed, we can expect to see the TRX in the next few years. According to Auto Week, the TRX will be coming stock with their famous Hellcat Engine that'll be capable of making 575 hp and with upgraded axles and lockers to make this an ultimate off-road monster. In addition, the TRX will come equipped with a link-coil rear suspension and six-point harnesses on all four of the seats!

11 Awesome: Dodge GLHS $14,000

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The Dodge GLH was lucky enough to get the Carroll Shelby treatment under a new company called "Shelby Automobiles" where he decided to see what he could do when he got his hands on a Dodge.

According to Car and Driver, the GLHS received upgrades to its intake manifold and its cooling system to increase the GLH’s numbers from 146 hp and 168 lb/ft of torque to 175 in both the torque and horsepower department.

Sadly, only 500 of these gems were made.

10 Disappointing: Dodge Caliber SRT4 $5,800

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The Dodge Caliber came packed with the same turbocharged 2.4-liter engine that was used in the other SRT4 mentioned on this list, the SRT4 Neon. According to Auto Trader, this time, the little four-banger made a bit more power, then able to make 285 hp and 265 lb/ft of torque. Unfortunately, despite its impressive numbers, the little hatchback was quickly discontinued due to lack of sales. Maybe Dodge was just a bit too early with this car...

9 Disappointing: Dodge Rumble Bee 1500 $10,500

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Back in the early 2000s, Dodge decided to come out with a special-edition version of their popular 1500 Ram to celebrate the late Dodge Super Bee that was produced back in the '70s.

According to It Still Runs, only 8,700 of these trucks were made from 2004 to 2005,  and those were limited to 2-door short-bed 1500s.

The trucks came in only yellow or black with a custom black and yellow interior, a sport hood with scoop, and decals and badges all around. The only thing Dodge forgot to do was add some additional performance. Talk about a buzzkill...

8 Disappointing: Dodge Dakota Convertible $9,499

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While the Shelby Dakota was an awesome version of the mini-truck, the Dakota convertible was a bit of a fail. According to Hagerty, the convertible version was only produced for three short years as a collaboration between Dodge and the American Sunroof Corporation, which made less than 4,000 of them in total. Funny enough, the convertible was made as an effort to boost sales for the Dakota. The biggest complaint was that the soft top leaked, which kind of defeated the point of a convertible in the first place, didn’t it?

7 Disappointing: Dodge Shelby Lancer $4,600

Via Caranddriver.com

You may not have even heard of the next car on the list.

The Drive refers to the Shelby Lancer as one of Carroll Shelby’s forgotten children.

In the two years that it was produced in 1988 and 1989, only 487 of these gems were made. Despite the Shelby name, the Lancer’s turbocharged 2.2-liter only made 175 hp and needed over seven seconds just to get up to sixty. There was also a Lancer Shelby that was sold strictly under the Shelby company, and that even came with a CD player despite being released all the way back in 1987!

6 Disappointing: Dodge Dart Rallye Edition $5,795

Via Caranddriver.com

The Dodge Dart recently made an unsuccessful return to the market. The Dodge Dart Rallye was supposed to be the performance edition of the Dart, but it wasn’t quite the bullseye that Dodge was hoping for. According to Car and Driver, Dart came stocked with a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine that was good for 160 hp at 5,500 rpm and 184 lb/ft of torque at 2,500 rpm. Despite its small size, the Dart needed sixteen seconds to get a quarter mile done and needed almost a full 8 seconds just to get to sixty.

5 Disappointing: Ram 1500 Mossy Oaks $19,500

Via Topspeed.com

Back in 2011, Dodge decided to team up with Mossy Oaks, which is a lifestyle company popular amongst hunters, anglers, and the outdoorsy type, as well as being one of the leading producers for camouflage gear. According to Mossy Oak, the limited-edition 1500 Ram comes with an upgraded interior with custom Katzkin seats and the Mossy Oaks “Break Up Infinity” pattern and was only available in limited colors.

Like the Rumble Bee, there was no additional performance added to this limited-edition truck, making it a "strictly for vanity" edition.

While this may be a serious hunter's dream truck, most others wouldn’t be caught driving this thing.

4 Disappointing: Dodge Ram INDY 500 $9,999

Via Dodgeforum.com

The Dodge Ram Indy 500 was made in celebration of the Dodge Viper being chosen as the 1996 NASCAR pace car, which is a huge honor in the stock car world. According to Auto Trade, the pace truck was only available in blue with white racing stripes. The pace truck got its sportier look from a lowered suspension and upgraded wheels. While the pace truck did pack a little extra punch with an added 15 hp due to its exhaust, you'd think that being under the NASCAR influence would've caused its makers to make it bit more track-worthy.

3 Disappointing: Dodge Challenger 100th Anniversary $21,499

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2014 was a big year for Dodge, as they celebrated the 100th anniversary of their first production vehicle. To commemorate the special day, Dodge decided to release a limited-edition version of both the Charge and the Challenger.

The special occasion might make you think the vehicles would be really special, but sadly, you'd be disappointed.

According to Auto Trader, the 100th-anniversary edition only received upgraded wheels, a premium Beats audio system, and the option to have an exclusive High Octane red pearl. You'd think Dodge would've celebrated their own birthday better.

2 Disappointing: Stinger Yellow Ram 1500 $35,998

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Up next is another limited-edition 1500 Ram, called the "Stinger Yellow Sport." According to Motor Trend, the Stinger Yellow was exclusive to crew cabs only. The trucks came with a custom yellow paint job, a custom sport hood, and yellow stitched interior. The 2WD version received bigger wheels coming with 22” rims, while the 4x4 came with just 20s. While only 2,250 of these trucks were made, again no additional performance was added, making it an all-around sad excuse for a limited-edition vehicle.

1 Disappointing: Dodge Shelby Charger $1,800

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When you hear the name "Shelby" attached to any vehicle, you expect to hear some serious power numbers, but when it comes to the Shelby Charger, you'd be sadly disappointed. According to Road and Track, the Shelby Charger made only 13 more hp and 10 more lb/ft of torque that the standard model, bring the total up to a sad 107 hp and 127 lb/ft of torque.

The Charger needed a whole 10 seconds just to get to sixty.

While the Charger was blessed with the Shelby name, it lacked its normal racer DNA.

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