Back To The Future: 500 HP GR Supra Heritage Edition SEMA Build-Off Car

Fresh and nostalgic at the same time with plenty of MkIV elements, modern looks, and performance mods makes the already potent Supra even better.

The release of the MkV Supra was sure to beget countless special editions and variants in the aftermarket both paying homage to Supras of yore and taking the BMW-derived creation into new directions. And that's a good thing. There's a big market out there and customization is necessary to satisfy the tastes of an all-too hungry public. But all too many kits and derivatives with bolt-on parts here and a sawzall to a fender there, can sometimes get to be a bit much. Thankfully, the restrained vision of Toyota Group VP, Ed Laukes, along with MTC and LG Motorsports in Texas hit it out of the park with a Supra that is clean in design and straightforward, taut, and purposeful.


While I like the MkV overall and I'm glad it finally came to market, I can't say that I'm a fan of its design cues such as the somewhat odd face, excessive gill slits, and wavy potato chip fenders. It is, however, clearly evocative of the MkIV, a car that continues to grow on me more and more over the years.

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When I first heard of the Supra build-off at SEMA, I was worried that they'd be experiments in bolt-on excess. With the present offering not only have I been put at ease, but I think it looks great. Fresh and nostalgic at the same time with plenty of MkIV design elements, modern looks, and performance mods to make the already potent GR Supra even more capable ... if not plain crazy.


Starting under the hood, Precision Turbo & Engine modded the stock turbo to produce 18% more airflow. A custom intake was fitted atop the motor with a 3-inch center exit free-flow exhaust below. Mission Performance tweaked and tuned the already strong motor to the tune of 500 hp. That's a substantial amount of power and they didn't even have to crack open the motor.


In order to handle all that extra power, MTC came up with a custom in-board rocker system replacing the entire rear suspension. This is straight out of race cars and looks great. TEIN adjustable coilovers were then used to get the perfect stance. HRE 19 x 11 rims shod with 305/30R19 Toyo tires are out back and 19 x 10.5 units with 295/30R19s are up front. Brembo brakes are fitted throughout.

The body was tastefully re-imagined blending old and new lines with the performance profile required by the above mods. This necessitated widening the fenders, adding a rear diffuser, fabricating front and rear light assemblies, and fashioning front and rear spoilers to get the classic Supra look.

I think it looks great and if you'd like to see the build-off then head on over to the Toyota display at SEMA to check it out for yourself. Buckle up.

(via Toyota)

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