HC Picks: Bear Destroys Subaru Outback [PHOTOS]

HC Picks: Bear Destroys Car

Bears and cars do not mix as one Connecticut woman has discovered.

We’re going to give you the moral of the story right at the start: always lock your car’s doors. It’s not just to keep your car safer from thieves and would-be hooligans, but more to ensure that nature’s little miracles don’t decide to take up residence in your daily commuter. And completely trash it.

Linda Morad lives in Canton Connecticut. She drives a Subaru Outback. We don’t know if she truly loves her car or not, but we can imagine that she’s somewhat partial to its all-wheel drive in the cold Connecticut winters. She probably also liked the fact that it existed, which it no longer does.

Last Friday, she saw the lights in her car go off and something dark shuffling around behind the tinted glass of her Outback. Initially, she thought it was a burglar and called the cops to catch them red-handed.

Totaled Outback
via NBC News


“I had my phone on 911 and I came partially down toward the car, and I heard noise, so I hit the send button on the 911,” Morad told NBC News. She couldn’t see inside but she could certainly hear, and it didn’t sound like a car thief hard at work jacking her ride.

Morad retreated to the safety of her house when the cops showed up a few minutes later. The approached the car with their guns drawn, and carefully opened the door.

“And from inside the house, I saw them open the door and let the bear out – a full-sized bear,” Morad said.

It was a black bear. Somehow, the noble woodland creature had opened Morad’s unlocked driver’s side door, clambered inside, and then the door shut behind it. This caused the panicked bear to turn into a black-furred blender, as the police soon found out.

Totaled Outback
via NBC News

“They said, ‘You’re not going to believe what your car looks like.’ I thought, ‘Well, I’ll clean it tomorrow’” Morad recalled before exclaiming, “I don’t think this could be cleaned!”

Everything on the interior of her Outback has been totaled. The dashboard is in pieces. Her steering wheel has tooth marks. The roof has been torn out and most of it lies in pieces on the floor. Her trunk and hatchback look like a bomb went off.

Still, she doesn’t blame the bear for the loss of her car.

“This is a fluke. It’s like getting struck by lightning or hitting the lottery. How many times would it ever happen?” Morad said.

She now locks her car’s doors every night, just in case.


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