7 Beaters In Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Garage (And 12 Sick Rides)

Some would argue that if it wasn’t for Stone Cold, WWE might be about of business today. In the ‘90s, WCW started to gain the edge on WWE. However, when Stone Cold grew to popularity, WWE started to overcome WCW’s momentum. Austin led the WWE during the most booming wrestling period of all-time, at that point, close to ten million fans were watching either WWE or WCW every Monday night. Austin was a big reason for that due to his unpredictable nature. He truly personified what the Attitude Era was all about.

He made lots of money during his career and he’s one of the wealthiest wrestlers of all-time, only trailing The Rock. Austin also made some good coin on movie sets along with various television shows.

Nowadays, Austin spends most of his time out in Tilden, Texas out on his massive ranch. Austin also films his TV show the Broken Skull Ranch at the same location. Austin loves living the ranch life and that also includes taking some of his favorite Kawasaki rides out on the tough ranch terrains.

As you’ll see in this article, Steve has a bunch of ATVs, motorbikes and off-road rides. They tend to vary in terms of quality, Austin has old school beaters like a Ford Focus from 2003 along with a ‘90s RAM Charger. On the flip side, he also has a stunning plane, Corvette and McLaren. His collection is one of the most unpredictable that's for sure!

Enjoy the article as we take a look at seven beaters in his collection along with 12 other rides. Let’s get started!

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19 Beater - 2003 Ford Focus

via IG/WWE

This is probably the last car most would expect to be in Steve Austin’s garage. He made millions during his WWE fame – for those that have a bank account like Austin’s, a Focus would even cut it as a rental car.

For Steve, it isn’t just any car but his everyday rider, especially when he goes out into the busy Los Angeles city area. Steve likes the car for the most part because it’s easy to find parking with. Austin has a great sense of humor when it comes to this car, he typically trolls himself about it via IG and Twitter.

18 Other Rides - Kawasaki Jet Ski

via IG

“Charging battery on Jet Ski. Waiting for this wing to heal up.”

Austin used this caption when posting a pic of his Jet Ski to his IG account. Since retiring from the ring, Austin did a bit of work on a couple of movie sets. However, for the most part, he just enjoys spending time in the outdoors whether it be on his ranch or riding the waves with his jet ski. In terms of Austin’s favorite brand, he constantly uses Kawasaki related rides. That not only holds true for his Jet Ski as you’ll see throughout the article. The retired life really isn’t all that bad for Steve and a lot less hectic compared to his WWE days.

17 Other Ride - Private Plane

via IG

This one really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. With a net worth of near $50 million, it is only normal that Austin bought himself a private jet. Sure, he does spend a lot of time back on his ranch but he still does a fair share of moving around whether it be for an interview, appearance or guest spot on a program.

Austin doesn’t even leave his dogs behind when travelling – of course, that all depends on how long his trip will actually last. Most recently, Austin posted a photo as he was hopping on his private jet - the catch though; he brought his two dogs along for the ride.

16 Beater - ‘96 Suburban

via IG

To give you an idea at just how old this car is, Austin wasn’t even a breakout star with the WWE just yet when it was released to the public. Now we’re only assuming but we believe Austin might have bought this ride when his fame started to build up with the WWE.

More than two decades later, it still sits there in his garage. Just a couple of years back, Austin posted a photo of his ride to IG, claiming he was taking it out for a spin in the LA area. Clearly, Austin treats his rides very well given that the Suburban still looks to be in great shape.

15 Other Ride - McLaren 720S

via IG

“Many thanks to @motorator for bringing the awesome McLaren 720S to 316 Gimmick St. Unbel*evable car and I only went 50mph on the mean streets of Los Angeles.”

The hilarious part about this is that Austin tagged “#fordfocus” at the end of the post, still poking fun at himself for riding around in the outdated vehicle. It seems like Austin upgraded just a little bit with the McLaren 720S, a ride that has a worth in the six-figure range. Knowing Austin, he probably hopped back into his Ford Focus shortly after the experience without even thinking twice.

14 Other Ride - 1974 Z-28 Camaro

via IG

This is the ride Austin is most excited about at the moment. He got it completely restored and it is now headed back to his ranch. Austin made several posts about this ride via his IG story – clearly, Steve feels like a kid again riding around in this beast of a muscle car. That Ford Focus might have to move over just a little bit. He wrote via IG;

“1974 Z-28 almost done. @suprsonix and sons making headway in South Texas. Original California car coming back to Cali from Texas. Every car has a story behind it. And this one is no exception.”

13 Beater - Bronco XLT

via IG

Austin shared the details of his old Bronco via IG; “Bronco XLT 1995 #4x4 42,000 miles 5.8/351. Second owner. Not for sale.” Although the ride is considered a beater given its age, it surprisingly remains in great condition. A lot of that has to do with Austin maintaining the car – he often posts about giving the car a much-needed wash.

Hilariously enough, wrestler Kevin Nash also has a Bronco and he didn’t recognize Austin’s Bronco from the picture Steve posted. Austin told Nash it was the same ride, just this time it was actually washed!

12 Other Ride - Range Rover

via IG

When Austin isn’t using his Ford Focus, the ride he uses is a black Range Rover. Stone Cold posted the hilarious photo of his Range Rover just sitting in the driveway while he cooked his chicken on a grill on top of a garbage can.

As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, he ate the meal on top of his range rover, using the hood as a table... Yes, this is the same guy with a worth of near $50 million and arguably the greatest wrestling star of all-time. Clearly, Austin isn’t a complex fellow that’s for sure.

11 Other Ride - 4x4 Jeep

via IG

Austin loves the thrill of driving off the road. Whether it be using an ATV or the 4x4 Jeep shown above, Steve is all about that way of life especially on his very own ranch given all of the land that he has to his disposal.

Now he typically uses a motorbike or ATV when going off the road. He actually keeps his Jeep in real good condition, usually making repairs and modifying the ride on his own. Austin posted several pics of DIY mods he made to his Jeep. Without a doubt, if he didn’t enter the wrestling business, Austin would be doing something car-related today.

10 Beater - 4x4 RAM Charger

via IG

Kevin Nash might have got Austin’s Bronco confused with his RAM Charger as the two rides kind of resemble one another. Despite this ride being from the ‘90s, Austin kept it well maintained throughout the year. Austin uses this ride off the road on his ranch, though he’s quick to give it a wash after the adventures off the road. For that reason, it maintains a remarkable shape to this day with literally no rust on it whatsoever.

Nonetheless, we’ll still have to consider it a beater as it would only fetch a couple of hundred in its current condition.

9 Other Ride - Ford RV

Austin loves to take lengthy trips – and why not? Steve definitely deserves to enjoy the retired life. He usually does so by attaching an RV to his pickup ride. In order to fully enjoy the experience, Austin brings along both his dogs. He posted the hilarious photo of the dogs sitting in the driver and passenger seat while he gassed up;

“Moolah and Cali pulled a rib on me and left me at the gas station... If you see a silver RV with two dogs headed East on I-10, please tell them to come back and pick me up... Steve.”

8 Other Ride - Kawasaki Off-Road Bike

via IG

“Charging the battery on my bike at Broken Skull Compound in Agua Dulce. Snake River Canyon next? @KawasakiUSA”

That’s right, Austin is also a bike guy. Now unlike The Undertaker, he isn’t riding around with a Harley, instead, Steve appears to be more of an off-road bike kind of guy. As we discussed earlier in the article, Austin is all about Kawasaki when it comes to his adventures off the road. Austin also seems to like the color green as he purchased ATVs, his bike and his Jet Ski in the same green color.

7 Beater - 2003 Chevrolet Silverado Z71

via IG

Austin was portrayed as a pickup truck kind of guy during his WWE days. Who can forget those awesome blacked out pickups with his logo? What made it all so believable is that Austin actually liked these kinds of things in his everyday life - it wasn't just a gimmick.

He has a couple of pickups nowadays. One of them, he typically uses as his beater. Austin has a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado Z71, the purpose of the truck nowadays is to haul heavy loads like his bike or ATV when he’s off on one of his off-roading trips. Austin isn’t afraid to put the mileage on this ride and we don’t blame him either.

6 Other Ride - White Corvette

via Reddit

Austin likes to keep it clean every now and then. Seriously though, does it get much cleaner than a smooth and silky white Corvette? Surely, this ride isn’t touching the off-road ranch terrain, at least we hope.

Austin recently posted a snap showing his followers the sparkling ride. In truth, the car looked to be in mint condition and brand new. In all likelihood, this is the newest car Austin added to his collection. In true Stone Cold fashion, he posted a photo of his Ford Focus following the new Corvette. Classic, Steve!

5 Other Ride - Kawasaki Brute Force 750

via IG

This off-road ride is one of Austin’s favorites and he even gave it the thumbs up as he tried it out on the rough terrains while off-roading. This is one of Austin’s many ATVs and Quads, he almost owns as many of these as the cars in his garage.

The ride doesn’t come cheap either. According to the Mainland Cycle Center, the new 2018 version sells for $7,999, which is quite pricey for this type of ride. Austin’s version might be even pricier given the custom cameo color along with those beast wheels – only the best for Steve.

4 Beater - Power Sports ATV

via IG

Austin is an ambassador for Kawasaki and the company’s ATV line. However, his garage doesn’t contain sparkling Kawasaki models and nothing else, Austin also has a few beater ATVs that uses a little more intensely, his Power Sports ATV is an example of that.

Hilariously, Austin also used an ATV during his time with WWE. At that point, Austin was out of the ring and playing the role of a General Manager. He was arguably one of the best GMs. Who can forget those classic moments of Austin chasing Mr. McMahon down with his ATV backstage and in front of the live audience, classic Steve!

3 Other Ride - 2018 Kawasaki Mule Pro MX

via IG

For the company’s 30th anniversary, Austin helped to promote the Kawasaki Mule Pro MX ride, this according to ATV World Mag. He took to various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, IG, and Twitter to spread the word about this great ride. He even used the Mule Pro on his Broken Skull Ranch Challenge show for the world to see.

As Austin demonstrated, this ride wasn’t shy when it came to speed and the tough terrains on his Broken Skull Ranch. Without a doubt, the new Mule Pro MX is one of Austin’s most preferred rides when going off the road.

2 Beater - 1966 Chevy C10 Pickup

via IG

We close out the old cars side of the list with arguably Austin’s most impressive beater, a ‘60s C10 pickup. Austin is all about this ride posting about it on the regular. Most recently, Austin had this beater completely restored, although it sounds a little rusty it maintains an amazing condition. Here’s what Austin had to say about the ride via IG;

“Raining cats and dogs in Nevada. But the 1966 C10 is getting cleaned up today. The truck has been sitting for a few years. Going to change belts, hoses, fluids, re-jet carb, and get lights, blinkers, and horn operational. Get some new tires and go through brakes. Front dash is from a 1959 Impala.”

1 Other Ride - Kawasaki TeryX4

via IG

Austin doesn’t need a monster truck, beer truck or Zamboni like he used back in the day on WWE programming. These days, all Steve needs is a comfortable all-terrain vehicle. Once again, Austin chose Kawasaki purchasing the Tery X4 ride which has both the speed and handling capabilities for the rougher terrains.

Once again, Austin always takes good care of his ATV rides as he’s seen cleaning the bad boy up once he was done taking it on another adventure. The ride has four seats, perfect to accommodate his wife and two dogs.

Sources – IG, YouTube & ATV World MAG

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