25 Behind The Scenes Photos From Fast N' Loud That Change Everything

There are many things that go into the making of Fast N' Loud. Oftentimes you don't get to see the entire picture with what you see during the show. Not only does it take 10 hours of filming to capture only 10 minutes of air time, but there are plenty of things that tie back into what makes an episode of Fast N' Loud.

Fortunately, we have compiled behind the scenes shots that will change everything you know about the hit series. Things that range from the crew planning their next move, to exclusive looks at some of the most intense builds that the crew has ever completed. Each of these photos will give you that exclusive look that you are looking for.

Fortunately, you don't have to search anywhere else but here to find 25 behind the scenes photos from Fast N' Loud that change everything. Not only are these some amazing looks at the making of the show, but they even have a bit of humor in them.

Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey Garage crew are nothing short of inspiring with the builds that they complete, while the amount of detail that goes into each of the builds is something to leave even the biggest car enthusiast in awe.

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25 Gas Monkey Garage Meets Street Outlaws

Via Discovery

Now, this is something that you don't see very often. The Gas Monkey Garage going head to head with the Street Outlaws. Where was this happening? Mega Race of course. This was an event that was held between the two shows that let them showcase their skills on the drag strip.

However, this meant that the Gas Monkey Garage had to build a car that was worthy of competing with some of the fastest street cars on the planet. This shot gives a bit of a look behind the filming of this race.

24 Richard and a Monkey Suit

Via YouTube

This is something that you might not see very often, Richard and a monkey suit. This shot gives a bit of an exclusive look behind the marketing genius that Richard has when it comes to promoting certain races, and of course gaining new viewers.

This was actually before the Mega Race that was held between the Street Outlaws and the Fast N' Loud crew where they went head-to-head on the drag strip with some amazingly fast cars. Fortunately, he didn't wear a monkey suit while driving the car, that is for sure.

23 First Look Ford Pantera

Via Discovery

This was one of the cars that absolutely stretched the abilities of Aaron and the Gas Monkey Garage team. Not only is this the only Ford Pantera with an EcoBoost engine, but it is also the most powerful EcoBoost engine in the world (as of right now).

This shot is an exclusive first look at what was going on with the Ford Pantera during the complete restoration and customization of the car that arguably was one of the best builds that the crew had ever done in the multiple seasons.

22 The Sonic Car Deal

Via Discovery

It is not very often to where you are able to see this side of a deal that goes on with the one and only Richard Rawlings. Here is the deal behind the Sonic car (1967 Camaro) that was finished by the Gas Monkey Garage crew.

However, even for someone like Richard Rawlings, it isn't very often to where you find yourself shaking hands with another CEO of a huge company. This is quite a treat to behold, especially since we know how awesome the Sonic car came out.

21 The Hot Wheels Corvette

Via Discovery

This is a rare shot of the coveted Hot Wheels Corvette that was done in collaboration with the Hot Wheels brand. However, it doesn't look anything like its completed form in this behind the scenes shot of what the car started as.

While you can see the crew deciding on the angle to take the car, and the vision of what it is to look like for the final product. Let's just say it isn't anything like it started once it is done. This truly is a complete resto-mod that happened by some extremely capable hands.

20 The Knight Rider KITT

Via Discovery

While this might not be something over the top for a behind the scenes photo, this actually is one of the first looks at the Knight Rider KITT car that the guys at the Gas Monkey Garage restored to its former glory.

You can see that extensive work went into the interior, this car isn't just an iconic vehicle, it actually is one of those rides that we all know and love. Being that the Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N' Loud showcased it on the show, this became something even more special.

19 Mega Race

Via Driving Line

Now, this is something you don't see very often. This is a behind the scenes look at Mega Race, where Richard definitely couldn't have known he was being followed by a camera. However, with the pressure of the show and the brand, the race had to be something that was relieving for him.

Given this picturesque look at the track where Mega Race was held, this must have been the ample time for getting the best photo of Richard, even if he wasn't completely looking to get this taken at all.

18 Checking the Cadillac Seville

Via Discovery

Richard is known for being extremely particular for the cars that he chooses to be restored, this is true especially for the Cadillac Seville that he can be seen checking out. Especially during a restoration, you have to know what you are getting yourself into.

Plus, being able to negotiate on what you can find in the car, is something that takes talent as well. Richard tends to thrive at both of these, which is why this car was no different than any of the other ones that he had purchased before.

17 The Off Road Camaro

Via Discovery

Sometimes the best purchase is those that you never think would become something great. This was especially true for the off-road Camaro that Richard purchased. None of the crew thought that this car would turn for any amount of money.

However, they found that it brought more fun than they could have ever imagined. Especially due to the subtle smirk that you can see Aaron giving which they are working to get ready for the photoshoot for this massive car.

16 The 1967 Camaro

Via Discovery

This look at one of the best cars ever on the show is the 1967 Camaro. This one was done in collaboration with Sonic, the burger restaurant. However, this is a first look at the finished product.

You couldn't see this view on the show, which is why this made our list today. However, this isn't just any Camaro, this is one that has made waves through the industry, being one of the best examples of this iconic car that they could have created. With the red paint, aggressive wheels, and original body panels, this turned into much more than a restoration project.

15 The Hot Wheels Econoline

Via Discovery

This Ford Econoline was another one of the projects that were taken on by the crew in order to work with the Hot Wheels Brand. However, this one had more of a twist than the other car they built. This one was completely custom in every possible way.

However, this look is of the first reveal of it, where it just made its entrance doing a nice burnout. What better way to start a big reveal than a burnout? Fortunately, there is more of this Econoline to come.

14 Charles Digging Deep

Via Discovery

You can't have a huge project without putting in a ton of overtime. This was true for the Hot Wheels Corvette project that the Gas Monkey Garage did. While this car was meant to mimic an iconic Hot Wheels car, it wasn't an easy task.

This shot shows Charles digging deep into the car, making sure that every possible detail is taken care of. When you are working on this scale of a project, you have to ensure that everything is working out the exact way that you need it to. Charles definitely didn't miss any details with this one.

13 The Two Firebirds

Via Discovery

This episode was one that wasn't the expected turn that fans may have wanted. However, this one gave up some awesome cars that were built and done extremely well. Here you can see Richard working on negotiating with the previous owners of the cars.

Fortunately, he was able to get a good deal for both of the cars together, which allowed him to end up profiting at the end of the build. Sometimes it is something of a wonder to see Richard doing his work from a different angle than the normal one. Like seeing the master at work.

12 Aaron Perfecting a C-10

Via Discovery

Aaron Kaufman is definitely one that you would expect to see perfecting any of the builds that he goes after, especially when it comes to classic trucks like this C-10. Aaron can be seen here digging deep, making sure the mechanical portions of the truck work properly.

When you are restoring any type of vehicle, the changes in technology are so drastic that you need experienced eyes to ensure that it works properly. That goes true with this truck and any car that is built at the Gas Monkey Garage. Aaron always ends up getting his hands dirty and double checking every detail to ensure perfection.

11 The Sonic Camaro Reveal

Via Discovery

The Sonic Camaro was a car that the Gas Monkey Garage built in collaboration with Sonic. They actually made the car to the exact spec that they wanted, being that Sonic was founded around the same time that this Camaro was first produced.

Just a quick glance shows you that Aaron and Richard might be on different pages with this one. While Aaron had to work extremely long hours to ensure that this project was finished during the deadline, Richard casually worked his normal amount of hours he would for any given day at the shop.

10 The Start of the Econoline

Via Discovery

While you might see this car being extremely unique as is, the Ford Econoline was a car that didn't last very long during its production. However, this was one that you never would have guessed ended up being a Hot Wheels car, straight from the imagination of children.

However, this is a shot that goes over the crew talking about a true game plan on how to tackle this project. With the extensive work that had to be done, Richard and the team had to be on the same page in order for the project to be a success.

9 Revealing the Hot Wheels Econoline

Via Discovery

Another portion of the reveal of the Hot Wheels Econoline, you can see the crew heading to the stage during the big reveal. As this was one of the most difficult cars that was ever created for the show, it had to be a big production to reveal it.

This shows you a glimpse of the exhaustion that the entire team at Fast N' Loud had to go through in order to finish this project. However, this is just a bit uplifting for them as they head to the stage to showcase their work, and more importantly their skills as builders of the finest machines on the planet.

8 Picking up the Pieces

Via Discovery

This might be a bit hard to see, but this actually is the same C-10 truck that we saw before. Here you can see the entire truck in pieces as the crew has to assemble them and get back on the road with the build.

Most of the projects don't require this amount of work that this truck did, however, the team at Gas Monkey Garage always had it under control, even when it meant they had to work extra hours. The finished product of the truck ended up being more than worth it for Fast N' Loud and the entire team of mechanics and builders.

7 The Off Road Camaro Shell

Via Discovery

Another look at the starting points that many of the cars go through in order to get to the quality that we end up seeing on the show. This one actually is the starting point of the off-road Camaro that we touched on earlier.

This look gives you a quick idea to where the car came from in terms of quality. Not only did the crew have to replace a ton of the parts that were on the car, but they also ended up restoring the majority of them with upgrades. At Gas Monkey Garage they always manage to amaze us with the work they do in the time period that they complete it.

6 The Perfect Entrance

Via Discovery

Back again with another look at the reveal of the Hot Wheels Ford Econoline. This one is another look at the reaction of the audience to the amazing car that they were given, plus the entrance of the burnout to top things off.

Just seeing the reactions on the audience's faces gives the crew a sense of pride in the work that they have done. Being able to bring joy to people through building cars, adds to the fact that they do something that they love each and every single day. This Hot Wheels Econoline is definitely one for the books.

5 The 1980 El Camino Chrome

Via Discovery

If you know where the El Camino project ended up, you know how much chrome was actually on this car. Here is a look at the disassembled chrome pieces that you can find the crew doing an extensive restoration to in order for it to be back to show spec.

When you get a look at what goes into each of these builds, especially from a behind the scenes aspect, you can see that it is amazing the number of hours that truly go into these cars. Plus the skills of each of the crew, give another sense of amazement when it comes to how well the car turns out, even when it was rough around the edges to start.

4 The Final Adjustments

Via Discovery

The Ford Pantera project was one of the toughest projects that came the Gas Monkey Garage team's way. This one involved many custom parts, plus an engine that wasn't built in the same decade as the car itself.

Here is a look at the crew working on some of the final touches of the car. This car became insanely popular around the world, being the most powerful EcoBoost engine in the world, it gave the crew a real sense of pride. However, the minor details are the things that always need to be checked when it comes to this caliber of a build.

3 The Start of the C-10

Via Discovery

The C-10 project is one that as we saw earlier ended up being one of the most extensive restorations the team has done. However, nothing can get done without a plan. This shot can show you the amount of collaboration that goes into the builds.

This one allowed the team to come up with a true game plan in order to tackle this project. As you can see, the truck started in extremely bad shape, but that is nothing compared to how awesome the car ended up being when the team was fully finished with this build.

2 Aaron Has Fun with the Dart

Via Hot Rod Network

It is not uncommon to see the crew of Fast N' Loud having fun while working on the cars. However, Aaron is one of them who deserves to be able to have all of the fun he can. With this Dodge Dart that the crew used to take on Roadkill (a popular automotive YouTube channel), he can be seen having a bit of fun behind the scenes.

This happens to be one of the very few times where you can see that Aaron Kaufman can actually have fun while working on these huge projects. Not to mention this car is an absolute monster on the track.

1 Bare Bones El Camino

Via Discovery

This shot was taken during the infamous El Camino build that the Gas Monkey Garage and the Fast N' Loud crew did. This one gives a bit of a look into what goes on during a full restoration of a vehicle of this caliber.

Not only did the entire interior get stripped out, but they completely redesigned how everything functioned in the car. The finished product of this build was definitely great for sure. Which gives this another level of perfection for the work that Fast N' Loud and the Gas Monkey Garage perform.

Sources: Discovery, Hot Rod Network, Motor Trend & Driving Line

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