20 Behind The Scenes Photos Of Lewis Hamilton’s Expensive Collection

At the age of 34, Hamilton has won the Formula 1 Championship five times. Many pundits regard him to be one of the best formula drivers in history. Hamilton's net worth is estimated at around $285 million.

Not only has he dated some of the most beautiful women in the world and explored all corners of the globe, but he has also driven some of the fastest cars produced.

Having proven himself in Formula 1 racing, Hamilton explored the option of joining the Moto GP. Hamilton is fast on two wheels like on four-wheels and feels that he can be a champion with a superbike. He hinted that he would make more Moto GP appearances as he is a confessed motorcycling enthusiast.

Hamilton has owned numerous vehicles since he started purchasing them and claimed that his first car was a Mini Cooper. Since the Cooper, Hamilton has bought numerous rides of high value. He wasn't afraid of splurging on rides to ensure he got comfort and speed. We wanted to see what rides he bought with the millions of dollars he made, so we went behind the scenes of his collection. Our search led us to pictures that most paparazzi haven't gleaned, as Hamilton or his team were the ones taking the photos. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let's get started,

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20 Mercedes AMG GT R

via IG

A sports car that many Mercedes enthusiasts anticipated from the German manufacturer was the AMG GT. The car had a dashing exterior, and the engine didn't disappoint. The AMG GT R boasted a perfect combination of speed and exquisite looks.

The car needed 3.6 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph and had a top speed of 197 mph. Hamilton didn't own only one AMG GT; he had several. The 4-liter V8 Biturbo produced 550 horsepower, according to Car and Driver. The car's starting price is $148,000. Considering Hamilton was part of Mercedes, the German manufacturer likely gave him a sweet deal.

19 Ford Shelby GT500

via Motor Authority

Lewis thought that he was getting a superb vehicle when he purchased the 1967 Ford Shelby GT500. He used the hashtag Eleanor when he described his car, but Motor 1 reported that Hamilton's car is a replica. Classic Recreations was responsible for assembling the car that contains modern tech in the suspension and a 5-liter V8 Coyote engine.

The replica is about as close as anyone will get to owning Eleanor. Lewis said that his GT500 is a beautiful car but a heap of junk. It seems that Hamilton wasn't impressed with the car's handling. Did he not notice that when he took it for a test drive.

18 Bombardier Challenger

via Business Insider

Having more than $200 million has allowed Hamilton to buy any form of transportation that he desired. Considering celebrities enjoy their privacy, Hamilton opted for a private jet to globetrot. He is the owner of a Bombardier Challenger 605 jet, with a purchase price of $25 million. The plane can seat 12 passengers and reach a top speed of 540 mph.

The plane contains vertically aligned LCD screens and Ethernet-based cabin electronic system that provides passengers with touch-screen controls in the gallery and at the VIP location, as well as supports optional high-speed connectivity for e-mail and web browsing.

17 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

via IG

Most of us would be satisfied with owning any Ferrari, but Hamilton wasn't satisfied with only one LaFerrari; he purchased two. The Formula 1 track isn't the only place that Hamilton wants to drive fast cars; he has to do it when he's cruising around town. Although Hamilton can purchase as many cars as he wants, he is pedantic about keeping the mileage on his cars low.

Hamilton has a towing service on a retainer and uses the company when he feels that he's driven the car enough for the day. When responding about his towed LaFerrari, Hamilton said, "If I think I’ve had my excitement quota for the day, I’ll ring him up, and he’ll collect it from wherever I am."

16 McLaren P1

via Car Reviews

Loving cars means that one enjoys a vast array of vehicles. Hamilton is classed as such since he has owned a Ferrari, Mercedes, and a McLaren. Hamilton's choice of McLaren was the P1. When asked about his cars, Lewis responded, "I could sell them all for way more than I paid for them, but these are my babies, my art pieces, and I’ve worked hard for them," according to Sunday Times Driving.

It seems that Hamilton won't let go of his blue McLaren P1. Consumers who want to own a similar P1 like Hamilton's will have to pay $1.3 million for the 2015 model. The latest P1 costs over $3 million.

15 Pagani Zonda

via Autoweek

While most dream about owning a supercar such as the Pagani Zonda, Lewis is fortunate to own one. Many people would be fond of the car, but Lewis isn't. When he spoke to Sunday Time Driving, Lewis said, "The Zonda is terrible to drive! It’s the best-sounding car I own, but handling-wise, it’s the worst. I got it in manual because I didn’t like the Tiptronic version."

He added, "The Tiptronic Pagani offered was worse than the Smart Roadster I had. I’m used to quick gearshifts, so I’m more critical than most customers. If you asked me to design my own supercar, I’d have it manual." After hearing Hamilton's opinion about the car, many might not desire it anymore.

14 Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door

via IG

The AMG GT is one of the best models that Mercedes has produced. The German manufacturer knows how to combine luxury and performance to make a stellar vehicle. Consumers were impressed with the 2-door AMG GT, so Mercedes thought that is would make a version that could accommodate the whole family. Drivers who want to own the AMG GT 4-door have an option of a 3-liter Turbo/Supercharged I6 or a 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 engine.

Although the car can accommodate the whole family, drivers should be careful not to scare their family by stepping on the gas. The AMG GT needs 4.5 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph.

13 Mercedes Maybach 6

via IG

The car market is filled with exotics and luxury vehicles that car connoisseurs wish to own. One of the cars that Hamilton had his eye on was the Mercedes Maybach 6. Hamilton posted a picture of himself next to the Maybach 6 and stated that he wanted it.

Considering the Maybach 6 qualifies as a company car to Hamilton, I'm sure that Mercedes didn't need too much convincing to give it to him. What's there not to like about the 2+2 seater, luxury-class coupe? One of the cars was on sale for $160,000. Considering the limited production, Maybach 6 might fetch for more when collectors get greedy.

12 Ferrari LaFerrari Coupe

via Super Cars

Why settle for one LaFerrari when you can have two? Hamilton had the LaFerrari coupe and decided to add a white LaFerrari Aperta to the collection. Ferrari produced the coupe from 2013 until 2016 before producing the Aperta from 2016 until 2018. Under the bonnet of the coupe is a 6.3-liter V12 engine, capable of producing 949 horsepower. The car can reach a top speed of 217 mph and needs 2.4 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph.

Ferrari fans who want to have a LaFerrari in their garage should be prepared to pay $1.4 million. The car is one of Ferrari's finest models.

11 Mercedes AMG Project One

via IG

Mercedes wanted the unveiling of the AMG Project One to be special, so they asked Hamilton to do the honors. Hamilton also posted on his IG page the above picture and said that Project One was on its way. To experience the 992 horsepower spurting out of Project One's engine, consumers shouldn't be surprised to pay $2.7 million. Hamilton unveiled the car on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The car is powered by a 1.6-liter V6 engine and an electric motor set-up used by the WO8 F1 race car that Hamilton drove. Mercedes planned to produce only 275 units.

10 Ducati Monstera 1200

via Facebook

Although Hamilton has achieved several milestones in Formula 1, he feels that he wants to prove his dominance in Moto GP. When he became a world champion at the age of 23, making him the youngest Formula 1 champion in history, Hamilton thought that he'd spoil himself by purchasing a Ducati Monstera 1200.

Hamilton was used to making extravagant purchases at the time like the purple Pagani Zonda, spurting out 760 horsepower. Although Hamilton got a fast motorbike when he purchased the Ducati Monstera 1200, he only paid just over $13,000 for the bike. That's a lot less than he paid for the Pagani.

9 Mercedes AMG G63 6x6

via Youtube

An SUV that has garnered a lot of attention from the mainstream in the last few years is the G63. Many celebrities have made the G63 their daily rider, so their fans wanted to see what the fuss was about and decided to boost the sales. Hamilton was one of the celebrities who also got a G63, but the key difference of his car was that it was a 6x6. Mercedes designed the car for all terrains by fitting six wheels on the vehicle.

Under the bonnet of the massive vehicle is a 5.5-liter Biturbo V8 that can produce 544 horsepower. Hamilton ensures that all of his cars can produce a lot of power, regardless of its size.

8 Jet Ski

via IG

Regardless of where Hamilton is in the world or the surface that he's on, he has to be in possession of a fast ride. Another friend that Hamilton made since he became famous was Dwayne Wade. Hamilton posted the picture on IG and wrote, "My brother @dwyanewade’s last dance after the 16-year ride changing the whole game. Thought I’d post this pic of us tearing it up on the jet ski, me in my zone and you petrified thinking your career was over on the back."

Wade responded to the post a few weeks ago and said that he was scared and still hadn't recovered, though years had passed since the ride.

7 Mercedes Maybach S600

via Pulse

Most car connoisseurs separate their vehicles into daily riders and special cars; Hamilton is the same. He said that he wouldn't sell his special rides. It seems that the Maybach S600 wasn't in Hamilton's special category, as he put it on the market for just over $142,000. Considering the car had only 27,500 miles on the clock at the time of the sale and owned by one of the best Formula 1 drivers in history, many people believed that the car was a bargain.

Hamilton's love for cars meant that he kept the vehicle in pristine condition and tried his best to keep the mileage low on the 2015 model.

6 MV Agusta

via IG

Being a motorbike lover and expressing his intentions of switching from Formula 1 to Moto GP, Hamilton opted for one of the best motorbikes on the market. He was keen to show his IG followers when he revved the engine to emit smoke. Fans gawked at the spectacle and took photos.

Many Formula 1 fans are skeptical about Hamilton's move to Moto GP. They feel that he is better suited to racing cars. Hamilton feels that he has proved himself in Formula 1 and can rack up championships in the Moto GP. Time will tell if Hamilton is suited for racing on two wheels.

5 Dirt Bike

via IG

Being a celebrity means that one connects amongst other celebrities. One of the celebrity friendships that Hamilton has formed was with Justin Bieber. The Biebs has attended some of Hamilton's races, and the two hang out on weekends. Since they share an affinity for motorbikes, the two pals decided to go off-roading.

Hamilton has expressed his love for motorcycling, but many people believed that he enjoyed the speed that superbikes allowed him to reach. It seems that Hamilton likes various forms of motorcycling and spending time with friends like Justin.

4 Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG

via VOD Cars

The SL stands for Sport Lightweight, and the class has been in production since 1954. That speaks volumes about the quality of the SL cars. When Hamilton wanted to go for a cruise and wanted to drive with the top down, he opted for the SL63 AMG.

The car's engine lives up to the car's dashing exterior. Under the bonnet of the SL63 is a V8 Biturbo that's capable of pumping out 577 horsepower. The car needs 3.7 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph and has a top speed of 186 mph. The SL63 AMG is one of the cheapest vehicles in Hamilton's collection.

3 Yamaha R1

via IG

The move to Moto GP for Lewis Hamilton seems imminent. He completed a test run with world superbike riders at Jerez. Monster Energy supported Hamilton's efforts. Alex Lowes and Michael van der Mark kept Hamilton company on the track. The media weren't present during the run, but some people claimed that Hamilton had a minor crash, according to Drivetribe.

Hamilton shared pictures of the run on his IG page and asked his followers what they thought of his lean. Paul Denning tweeted that Hamilton had riding talent and that he was a good guy.

2 MV Agusta

via IG

Any opportunity that Hamilton gets to ride a bike he takes. Hamilton's partnership with MV Agusta has spawned a limited edition motorbike. MV Agusta teamed up with Hamilton to produce the Lews Hamilton Edition Brutale 800 RR, according to Ride Apart.

The bike looks superb, but the motorcycle manufacturer decided to produce only 144 examples. The collaboration with Hamilton to produce the 800 RR means that the partnership has spawned three models. MV decided to produce 144 as a reference to Hamilton's racing number 44.

1 Shelby Cobra 427

via Sportskeeda

Of all the vehicles in Hamilton's garage, the Shelby Cobra is my favorite. The car happens to be my favorite car of all time. Who can resist the bulk exterior and the sporty performance of the Shelby Cobra 427? The car is a classic and fetches for big money at auctions. Hamilton's Shelby is a 1966 model.

"When I built this dual supercharged 427 Cobra in 1966, I wanted it to be the fastest, meanest car on the road," Carroll Shelby told Barrett-Jackson. He added, "Forty years later, it will still kick the tail of just about anything in the world." No wonder Hamilton owns one.

Sources - Motor, IG & Car & Driver

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