This Is A Bentley Continental Tank Conversion, Which Is Pretty Awesome

A Russian gearhead has taken a first-gen Bentley Continental GT and turned it into a tank.

Bentley Tank

This is an old Bentley converted into a true off-road vehicle.

We’ve seen a lot of carmakers try to tackle the problem of being off-road capable while still being luxurious and comfortable. Land Rover has made it into their entire brand, with what we’ll call “mixed” success. Mercedes offers the G-Wagon as a sort of souped-up Jeep with enough power to move a mountain, and even the Wrangler can come in Rubicon form to add an element of class to what is essentially a blue-collar vehicle.

But none of them are all that great at off-roading. They all still get stymied by deep water, jagged rocks, and thick mud. If only there were an option other than wheels to get around?

Well, in Russia, when you run out of road, you just build a car that brings the road with you. That’s right: we’re talking tank treads.

This is the YouTube channel AcademeG, a Russian gearhead that specializes in crazy builds. His channel is only in Russian, but that’s fine--the language of mechanical engineering is universal.

via AcademeG on YouTube

Step one in this Bentley tank conversion is procuring a first-gen Bentley Continental GT. This two-door grand tourer was never meant to travel on anything but the most pristine of surfaces, so taking off its wheels and adding tank treads is definitely new territory.

Next, remove the doors, frame, and the front steering bits. We won’t need them as tanks don’t actually turn their wheels to alter their course. Instead, they simply apply more or less power to one of the treads.

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In a real tank, the engine would be coupled to a differential that can send power to one side or the other for steering. This tank conversion sends power to an open differential and instead just applies brakes to either side to affect steering.

The original Continental came with a 6.0-L twin-turbo V12 engine with 552 hp, which seems just enough to let this tank conversion travel at a decent clip. Let’s call it 60-70 mph.

AcademeG calls it the “Ultratank”, which is a bit much for a Bentley with no doors, but it’s still an impressive feat of engineering.

(Source: Driving.ca)

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