This Classic Bertone Porsche 911 Roadster Is Slick

This Classic Bertone Porsche 911 Roadster Is Slick

A one-of-a-kind Porsche is going up for auction at Monterey Car Week later in August.

There are few occasions we get to say that a car is absolutely unique. Even when the car is a multi-million dollar hypercar, there’s usually a dozen or so examples that are all basically the same even if they’re wearing a slightly different shade of red.

Not so with this car. This is a 1966 Porsche 911 Spyder, but not just any Porsche 911 Spyder. This one has been customized by the legendary Italian design and automotive company Bertone to be quite possibly the most unique Porsche ever made.

Commissioned by the influential car dealer John von Neumann and unveiled at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show, the Bertone 911 featured a 2.0-L SOHC Type 901/02 flat-six engine that put out 160 hp. A 5-speed manual transmission put power to the rear wheels, with four disc brakes on all four corners and torsion bar independent suspension to go along with them.

This Classic Bertone Porsche 911 Roadster Is Slick
via Autoblog

The interior styling of the Bertone is pretty wild. The dash is extremely small with just the one gauge beside the steering wheel. All the other important gauges that would normally be found on the instrument cluster are instead found on the center console with one even going over to the passenger side.


Autoblog notes that the Bertone was intended as a sort of prototype for a possible future convertible 911, but Porsche ignored the Italian coachbuilder in favor of the 911 Targa.

This Classic Bertone Porsche 911 Roadster Is Slick
via Autoblog

Best of all, this unique Bertone 911 is going up for sale along with 3 other classic Porsches at the Pebble Beach auction during Monterey Car Week. Gooding and Company will host the auction, and experts are expecting the Bertone to go for as much as a million bucks.

You can also find a Porsche 550 Spyder, a 718 RSK Spyder, and an RS Spyder at the same auction. Collect all four and turn them into a classic Porsche Voltron-style robot.


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