10 Best Audi Cars, Ranked

We've all dreamed of driving an Audi at one point or another. These are some of the best you can get your hands on.

Without a doubt, Audi is a leader in the automotive industry. Negative opinions about European cars abound, but it cannot be denied that Audi has consistently produced cars that are well-engineered, luxurious and technologically advanced. Fast and increasingly more reliable, Audi cars have a special something that sets them apart from the pack. Perhaps it’s the innovative designs that make Audi stand out, or could it be the various models that suit every lifestyle.? It’s hard to say. Whatever the case, those four rings are quickly moving into icon status, with 10 of the best Audi’s leading a triumphant procession.

10 Auto Union Type D

Designed and built by Professor Ferdinand Porsche, the 1939 Auto Union Grand Prix racing car is a direct ancestor of the famous Audi R8. It has a colorful history, having spent time in the care of the USSR and private dealers and collectors. However, one after another has found its way home to Audi. This revolutionary car had many features that were considered high tech for its day, such as an engine mounted behind the driver, and a four-wheel independent suspension. Currently, Audi owns three of the five remaining Auto Union Type D cars that have survived all these years.

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9 Audi TT

The Audi TT is one of the hottest sports coupes on the market, but that wasn’t always the case. When it first came out in 1998, it made a splash in the automotive industry because of its stylish design that set it apart from previous Audi productions. However, its reputation on the road was less than stellar. Despite the bad press that followed the TT until it was finally recalled, it was still considered the best looking Audi car to hit the road during its time. In today’s compact coupes, the influence of the original Audi TT is still present.

8 A8

Audi’s A8 model is armed to the teeth with cutting-edge tech, the most relevant being active safety systems and advanced driver assist. These features are made possible by a host of high-quality sensors and cameras placed around the outside of the car. There’s also the networked steering, suspension, engine and driveline that make this car’s safety features so amazing. One of the most modern features is the electromechanical variable-ratio steering, which allows the driver to adjust to several driving circumstances. These technological advancements have earned the A8 it’s rightful place as one of the best Audi’s of all time, that’s certain.

7 DKW Monza

DKW was one of the companies that merged to create what is now known as Audi. So, technically the Monza isn’t, strictly speaking, an Audi. However, its track record gives it a rightful spot in the top 10. A 1950s bombshell, the Monza was given its name based on the world-famous ‘Monza’ Grand Prix Circuit in Italy. It set five world records in 1956, its aerodynamic and ultra light-weight design playing no small part. All in all, the DKW Monza is a classic that continues to ooze charm and remains a shining star in Audi’s history. It can’t be forgotten.

6 A6 Allroad

Although it ceased official production in 2005, the Allroad Audi has to be considered in this line up purely because of its ingenuity. Produced in 1999, the A6 Allroad Audi Quattro was Audi’s attempt to create a semi-off road vehicle. Its design was specifically created for the purpose of versatility. Creating a car that travels unpaved roads in rural areas and still keeps its streetcar finish and handle was a bold move. That’s why the Allroad became such a game-changer, and is still held in high esteem by fans of Audi and the automotive community as a whole.

5 A3 Convertible

The A3 Convertible is one of the most dynamic cars in its class. It’s a quiet, easy to handle the ride, with the kind of beautifully crafted interior that has come to be expected from Audi cars. Behind the wheel of an Audi 3, it’s very easy to imagine that one is driving a more high class (as in more expensive) luxury vehicle. The convertible model only adds to the appealingly classy feel and makes this car a top choice for taking a cruise through the city with friends. It’s no wonder that this car is one of Audi’s best selling cars.

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4 R15 TDI

A diesel-powered sports car; is there any more that needs to be said? This second-generation Audi sports car is cutting edge, and noticeably different from its competitors on the Le Mans Race Circuit. The engineering is bold, creative and innovative. At the heart of the R15 TDI is a powerful V10 TDI engine that gets up to over 600 hp, and in its electrical system, there is a lithium battery, as can be found in hybrid cars, which produces more voltage and is significantly more lightweight. Like its predecessor, the R10, this uniquely designed racing car is bound for greatness.

3 RS6 Avant

With a jaw-dropping, skull rattling 571 horsepower capability, in 2002, the Audi RS6 was the most powerful car that Audi had ever released to date. Plus, get this; it’s designed to be a family wagon. Described as ‘fire-breathing’ by some online enthusiasts, this so-called practical family car was the 2nd generation in the RS6 line-up. In a comically bizarre way, it turned out to be the perfect car for the modern, ultra-busy, multi-tasking family. While it could never place on a racing circuit, it certainly carries the heart and soul of a racer behind its deceptively benign and family-friendly exterior.

2 R8

Driving an R8 feels like driving a racecar. By supercar standards, it’s beyond affordable, and has been one of the most desired sports cars on the market since its landmark appearance in 2006. Why? Because unlike its namesake, the R8 Le Mans sports-prototype race car, it’s an ‘all-around’ car: comfortable and stylish enough for day to day use, but still a supercar at its core. Based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform and the Audi Space Frame, the R8 uses an aluminum structural skin and has a powerful mid-engine. It handles like a dream, but never sacrifices its performance for livability.

1 V8 Quattro

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