10 Best Automatic Cars That Are As Fun To Drive As A Manual

Automatic transmission cars and AWDs have been taking over the old generation of manuals. We know that some of you out there would choose a stick shift any day over an automatic. Are you a manual transmission car fanatic?

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Does driving a manual give you a thrill and a feeling of control? If yes, then this article is exclusively written for you. Even if you're not a manual fan, it definitely feels nostalgic. You must certainly want to know which automatic drives give you the feel and fun of driving a stick! Today we're sharing with you 10 such automatic cars that are as fun to drive as a manual.

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10 Mazda Miata Hatchback

Mazda Miata is the most joyful sporty car around. The handling is superb, the throttle is superbly powerful, and it has a very crisp-shifting manual transmission. It comes with a rev-happy, eager 181 hp, characterful engine. However, the automatic also allows razor-sharp shifts and boasts of a 7500 rpm redline.

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The suspension is great and the interior is comfortable. The infotainment system is excellent and the technical features are extra cool, although trunk space is pretty small. Overall, Miata is one of the most lively and fun–to–drive cars out in the market that rides smoothly over almost all sorts of road surfaces.

9 VW Polo DSG

VW offers the best Direct Shift Gearbox in the market and the Polo DSG doesn't disappoint. This optional DSG seven-speed transmission delivers a smooth, easy ride with all the joy of an optional manual gearbox to cater to that teenager inside you who wants to take control of the beast and take in all the fun.

If you choose the 1.4-liter TSI engine in the BlueGT, you get great fuel economy and the emissions are comparatively less too. All in all, this one is a great luxury mini automatic car that offers efficiency, luxury, and a great feel combined.

8 Mini Cooper

The Mini Coopers are our personal favorite on this list. The engine is supremely powerful, the handling is dynamic, reliability is agile and it offers excellent reliability. The powerful engine options deliver rapid acceleration, which along with its strong brakes, good suspension and responsive steering have made this one rank as one of the top subcompact cars. The toggle switches and huge speedometer let you run wild.

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The 2019 upgrade includes wireless charging, multifunction stereo wheel, rear LED lights, USB port, radio with touch screen, Apple car play and Bluetooth interface as standard for all Coopers. All of the Cooper models have been awarded four stars for their safety for overall, frontal and side crash protection. They're a great purchase.

7 2019 Audi TT Coupe

The 2019 Audi TT will really take you to the core of nostalgia with its modern turbocharged four-cylinder engine, all-wheel-drive system and 258-pound feet torque. The handling is the best you will find in the market among its other high-end rivals. The car is sleek and smooth as butter on bumpy roads. The digital infotainment is great and the design cues are very friendly.

The interior is insanely comfortable with enough leg space and headroom. The upgrade offers seven-speed dual-clutch automatic shifts that are crisp and smooth. It is one of the best luxury cars of the year that are fun to drive, too.

6 BMW 3 Series Automatic

The BMW 3 Series is as efficient as it is magnificent in looks. Out of every five BMWs sold worldwide, one is a 3 series. There is a reason for it. The handling is excellent and super sharp, along with pretty comfortable ride quality.

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It is quite a performer with stunning looks and crisp performance. This one also does not compromise at all with the utility or technology. The environs are exquisite and interior remarkably comfortable. A perfect balance of comfort and sport, this one will not force you to sulk around in the car but will give you the fun of a roller coaster ride with you at the controls.

5 Land Rover Discovery Sport Auto

Landrover Discovery Sport is the fastest luxury compact SUV. Discovery Sport ranks 14 among luxury compact SUVs. Despite being an affordable car, it is still a luxury SUV with decent handling and good ride quality. The infotainment system is good and exudes a ruggedly handsome demeanor. The graphics and interface are pretty straightforward and easy to use. The touch screen is user-friendly.

The latest upgrades include a 17-speaker Meridian Surround sound system, a navigation console, and a Wi-Fi hot spot. SportSport doesn't disappoint the brand’s signature off-road abilities. This one comes inclusive of a standard four-wheel drive which is extremely rare among its other luxury compact SUV counterparts. We would recommend the five-passenger model instead of the seven-seat for better leg space and a comfortable interior.

4 Ford Fiesta Hatchback

The Ford Fiesta is a power-packed, pretty affordable compact car that is competing with the top leading luxury SUVs. It is reliable, easy to manage, and a better performer than it’s heavily expensive rivals. It had a six-speed, dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission that is quite efficient but doesn't let you lose the fun, either.

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It's the best car around for the fun of driving and the luxury of automatic shifts. The handling is excellent and agile and the technology is very user-friendly. This one is a straight “Don’t Think, Just Buy."

3 Mercedes AMG GT R

The Mercedes AMG GT R beats the Porsche in so many ways. The R is the top performer out of all the Mercedes AMG GTs. It comes with a powerful engine, seven-speed dual-clutch, more than enough horsepower, all the latest features, and an individualistic demeanor. It is an excellent performer and offers superb handling.

The GT R is an incredible, out of this world performer and all thanks to the twin-turbocharged four-liter V8 engine. It comes with a standard, decent infotainment system, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking, driver alertness monitoring, and front collision warnings. GT R is surely not for everyone, but only those who love the thrills it essentially exudes in every ride.


The Volkswagen Golf GTI automatic is one of the most fun to drive cars around. It ranks number one in compact cars. The engine is powerful, responses are quick and it comes with very user-friendly manual and automatic shifts. It's a very practical, smooth car with a sports car soul at its heart. The build is excellent and the interiors are super comfortable. This one is very efficient as a family car too.

It doesn't offer very powerful throttle but delivers enough acceleration and instant responses. The handing is great, the throttle solid, acceleration rapid and driving range is pretty diverse, engaging, with heavy coverage. The newest updates include better engine output, a few new features, and introduction of the Rabbit edition.

1 Nissan GTR

The Nissan GTR is affordable and yet a badass powerful luxury car. They don’t call it Godzilla for nothing. It comes with an extremely athletic twin-turbo V6 that delivers powerful throttle. The performance is great and handling even better. The twin-turbo V6, six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and smooth all-wheel-drive system render a distinctly smooth ride.

It's incredibly easy to drive and yet a beastly performer with a stunningly smooth ride. The advanced AWD and highly responsive engine allow you to drive this ultra-powerful car with supreme ease and never let you lose the thrill.

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