10 Best Car Batteries On The Market

We want a battery with a great warranty, a lot of power and that’ll keep our car running for miles.

Shopping for car batteries might as well be like shopping for a car. Even if we know nothing about cars, we should always do our homework. Finding the right car battery isn’t something to be taken likely. We want a battery with a great warranty, a lot of power and that’ll keep our car running for miles. Believe it or not, some car batteries never burn out.

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Luckily for our readers, we’ve taken the stress out of looking for a new battery and done the hard work for you. Here are 10 of the best car batteries that are hot on the market!

10. Odyssey PC680 Battery

Ever wonder what drives a car? It’s not the engine or the additional turbo-boost, but the battery. Sports performance cars, in particular, are meant for speed and require a lot of power and energy to keep them running. The Odyssey PC680 Battery is the perfect fit for any fast car. At 170 amps, this battery is more than able to handle a performance vehicle just fine. Given its protective lead plates, the battery is shielded from vibrations and shocks that normally would erode at a regular battery. The Odyssey has a 70% longer life cycle of conventional batteries and three times that of a standard battery. Additionally, it can withstand extreme heat temperatures which makes it even more of a perfect fit for sports vehicles.

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9. XS Power D6500 XS Series

Like most of the products on this list, this battery packs a lot of power at 1070 cranking amps. The XS Power D6500 XS Series is great for any automobile but it is highly recommended for cars with a 3,000 or 4,000 watt audio system. For those of us who like cranking up the radio, this battery is a match made in heaven. The XS Power D6500 has a non-hazardous design that protects it from chemicals and spills. It can also fit in any factory location, making it easy and portable to carry and store. While it packs great power, it unfortunately only has a 3-year warranty. Let’s just focus on the positives for now!

8. Optima Batteries Red Top Starting Battery

Currently hot on the market is the Optima RedTop Battery. For truck, SUV, or sports performance vehicle drivers this is the battery for them. It delivers a high starting power even in the most extreme of temperatures. The battery works well when turning tight corners and hard launches. Thanks to its Spiral Cell technology, this battery will make sure we make it to our designation. According to CarBibles, the “12 voltage battery pumps out 800 amps and has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes for constant performance”. This version is also more resistant to vibration which increases the battery’s lifetime and makes for better performance. Not to mention, we won’t even have to deal with the hassle of finding a mechanic to install the battery either. They’re super easy to mount and can fit in just about any position. That’s a reliable battery!

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7. WindyNation Battery

Not only is this next car battery simple to install but its high-quality material makes it durable under any number of applications. Additionally, the WindyNation Battery is ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and UL Certified and has other uses such as for alarm systems, standby power supply, telephone switching systems, firefighting equipment, and emergency lighting systems. The WindyNation is also resistant to just about anything including vibrations, shocks, extreme temperatures, chemical spills and heating from the car. Due to its AGM technology, the WindyNation can withstand deep discharges and still be recharged to offer the same great performance. That’s a battery that never quits!

6. ACDelco Professional AGM Battery

Hoping to pass that next car exam? Make sure to have this battery installed to meet OE specifications. This AMG battery from ACDelco offers great quality, cycling and high-charge receptive abilities that every driver looks for in a product. In addition to that, the AMG battery has a long life compared to its competitors. According to CarBibles, this battery has a huge separator that allows for good circulation, prevents shortages and keeps the battery nice and cool. If that’s not enough to convince our readers, then they’ll be glad to know the battery doesn’t require a mechanic to install. It can’t get any better than that!

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5. Optima Batteries YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

Often getting cred for being the most reliable and powerful batteries on the market, the Optima brand has much to offer drivers. Like the Red Top Optima, the Yellow Top Dual Purpose Battery has 3 times longer life than a conventional battery and packs a strong cranking power. Though it’s specifically meant for cars with gadgets that drain power, it can be used on just about any car. If you’re wondering about what effect it’ll have on the environment, you'll be happy to know the battery’s design and clean energy source ensure the driver's safety and that the air is pollution free. Optima’s batteries are every drivers dream.

4. DieHard AGM Battery

This car battery’s brand name should be taken literally, as it does exactly what customers expect; it goes on forever. The DieHard AGM Battery is a super-powered machine that lasts longer than most. DieHard batteries can be used on a car, a truck and pretty much anything else, whatever our hearts desire. The battery is most known for its ability to resist intense vibrations from cars, as they offer 20 times more protection against them than other brands. DieHard Batteries are strong enough to prevent electrical shorts that can be dangerous. They have all the perks and features we’d want in a car battery and more!

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3. Bosch Battery

Top performing car batteries are in high demand in today’s market. Voted as one of the top nine car batteries to use in January 2019 the Bosch is compatible with most car systems and works well under extreme weather conditions. What customers might like most about the Bosch batteries is their resistance to damage and corrosion in comparison with a conventional battery. Depending on the version you buy, some come equipped with the latest tech and even Free Roadside Assistance. It’s always good to have a car battery that comes with extra perks!

2. Soundquest Power Battery

Given its name, we can pretty much guess at what this battery is most good at powering up: the radio. But just because it starts with the name Soundquest, doesn’t mean that it’s only meant for adding surround sound to the vehicle. What’s interesting about the battery is that it stores energy to keep our cars going for miles. This battery packs 2000 watts alone and can still run without doing any harm to the car. Also, just about anything can be used to recharge it. All in all, we’d say this is an excellent choice for a battery if we’re looking for a great sound system and headlights that stay on.

1. Kinetik HC600 Battery

What people like most in any car battery is affordability and longevity. The Kinetik HC600 offers both of those qualities and more. With 12 volts and 600 cranking amps, this battery works perfectly with almost all audio systems. The Kinetik HC600 is resistant to extreme temperatures, car vibrations, and stores energy so we don’t have to worry about buying a capacitor. Given that the battery is so powerful, it can also be used in addition to another or simply replace our old one. One key aspect shoppers should keep in mind is this how cheap this battery is. It’s roughly $50 on Amazon. Can’t beat that price!

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