10 Best Cars For Senior Citizens

Whether they are your parents, grandparents, neighbors, or community members, buying a car for a senior citizen should be met with research and care. Obviously, no one thinks seniors should be forced to drive one car over another, however, they and you should be aware of what cars work best for seniors and why.

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Seniors have reduced reaction times and weaker limbs. Consequently, the cars they drive should be safe and advanced enough to account for this, while also retaining a sense of freedom and adventure. To assist in this decision-making process, we are here to tell you about the 10 best cars for senior citizens.

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10 Subaru Forester

Via nydailynews.com

In the golden years of life, many seniors like to roam the country with their significant other in order to experience their nation's beauty. These trips usually do not have a strict itinerary, being planned in a free form manner based on intuition and road conditions. If the senior in your life is looking to go on one of these golden year road trips, then the Subaru Forester is exactly what they need.

The Forester is reliable, safe, and sips gas; in other words, it is great for those long stretches of highway lacking much in the way of stations. Past this, the Forester is spacious and rugged, perfect for fitting tons of luggage and gear, while also being able to tough out the worst conditions with ease.

9 Hyundai Santa Fe

Via hyundaiusa.com

Not all seniors have the luxury of living in places with little to no inclement weather, so this should be kept in mind when shopping for a senior's car. They need something that can get them through rain, snow, or whatever else mother nature may throw at them. Luckily, the Santa Fe fits these needs perfectly.

The Santa Fe is built for all conditions, made to drive in snow and rain, all while being roomy and easy to maintain. In fact, Hyundai has begun to offer a diesel option for the Santa Fe, giving it even better gas mileage and overall less maintenance.

8 Kia Soul

Though some older folks may shy away from the newest technological innovations, many are open and interested in exploring the future, especially in cars. If a senior is seeking to try out an electric car, the Kia Soul is simple to drive, reliable, and sleek.

In fact, the Soul has begun to offer a view into the future, with a revolutionary wireless charging system. This technology not only adds another layer of convenience to the Soul but also allows the driver to feel plugged into the world, seeing new technology in their daily drive.

7 Honda Pilot

Via honda.com

Some drivers like to ride alone. Others may want to be part of the action! If the latter sounds enticing, then seek out a car that is simple to drive, spacious, efficient, and comfortable.

An advanced and durable SUV, the Honda Pilot is all of these and more. The Pilot is perfect for moving the entire family around in style, not sacrificing room for gas mileage and amenities. If your senior does not want to give up their role as head of the family, then the Pilot fits everyone's needs.

6 Ford Escape

Via caranddriver.com

Many people - including seniors - crave choice in their lives. Nobody wants to be left behind, or to feel like they do not have a say in their lives. More so than most, the Ford Escape is a vehicle with many choices to be made.

Ford has recently debuted multiple different versions of the Escape, including a plug-in hybrid, giving you more than enough choices to find the perfect Escape. Whether or not the senior driver cares about gas mileage, safety, or eco-friendliness, the Escape and its many options will satisfy and delight.

5 Hyundai Kona

Via indiatimes.com

We have touched on cars with great mileage and room, yet a fully electric car is a great option for seniors, especially those who care about the environment that their kids and grandchildren will inherit. If this is the case, the Hyundai Kona is a completely clean, all-electric car.

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The Kona is fast to charge and has a very impressive driving range, so there is no need to worry about grandma running out of juice in the middle of nowhere. However, the Kona's advantages do not cease at its energy source. The car is also very comfortable, reliable, and has an elegant body that all can enjoy.

4 Subaru Legacy

Via autotrader.com

If a senior driver wants something rugged but in a more manageable size, a Subaru Legacy may be perfect. SUVs are great, but their size and gas mileage may put off some potential buyers. These needs and more are all met in the Subaru Legacy.

The Legacy is suitable for almost everywhere, great at sipping gas while traveling around town, and also completely usable in snow thanks to its symmetrical all-wheel drive. While the Legacy is perfect for daily driving, Subaru did not skimp out on the interior, providing standard safety features, rear-vision camera, a selection of interior fabrics and designs, and more; all packaged in a handsome product.

3 Genesis G90

Genesis is a very young company, only being around since 2015. However, in this brief window of time, the company has been able to create a groundswell of buzz around their vehicles. Why all the hype?

Genesis is giving some of the bigger luxury car brands a run for their money, with a line of beautiful, customizable, and safe cars. Genesis' newest addition, the G90, has been overhauled to make it their best car to date. With all this in mind, the Genesis G90 is an amazing option for the senior citizen looking for undeniable style in a car made to be driven and enjoyed.

2 Subaru Crosstrek

Via autotrader.ca

Depending on a person's financial situation, you may want a vehicle that gives you great gas mileage, room for storage, and comfort all at an affordable price. In cases like these, the Subaru Crosstrek makes the most sense. Subaru is already known for its quality, with many of their cars remaining on the roads for years, and the Crosstrek keeps this tradition alive.

Everything you want from a new car is here, while somehow keeping prices low. Even though the Crosstrek may be the perfect package already, Subaru is breaking ground by having the Crosstrek be their first plug-in hybrid.

1 Cadillac CT5

Via carsdn.co

There has always been a stereotype that seniors love Cadillacs, and whether or not it's true, the real question is, “who wouldn't want a Cadillac?” For over 110 years, Cadillac has been a name associated with excellence, and the CT5 lives up to this extremely high standard of quality.

The CT5 is a piece of art, being a car that no one would mind being caught behind the wheel of. Cadillac continues to remodel the CT5, showing their faith in this vehicle. If a senior citizen (or anyone, really) is seeking a car with class, build quality, and the latest features, then there is no real reason to look further than the CT5.

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