The 10 Best Cars GMC Ever Made

From the GMC Yukon to the Chevrolet Suburban, these are the 10 best cars that GMC has ever made.

What makes a good car? Some will argue power, acceleration, handling, reliability, and other metrics commonly used for vehicles. However, those things change faster than the industry can keep up. A top speed of 250mph may be impressive now, but it could be weak in five or ten years. Is it sentimental value? Historical relevance? Affordability? A good answer would be, all of the above.

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GMC has had its fair share of great cars. Iconic, even. However, most of the cars produced by GMC are essentially Chevrolets under a different name. For that reason, some of the 10 best cars made by GMC are also Chevrolets, although they go by different names.

10 Chevrolet Suburban

In 1934, General Motors decided to capitalize on the trend of a 'carry all' vehicle and called it the Suburban after the utility of the car. GMC came in with its version in 1937, and the Suburban was thus born. Today, you can find Suburbans can be found in the president's motorcade as armored escorts.

In 2000, GMC renamed its version of the Suburban to the GMC Yukon XL. However, it is still the same car mechanically with the only difference being in the visuals and a few trims here and there. The Suburban is an easy pick for the best car that both GMC and Chevrolet ever made.

9 2nd Generation GMC Yukon XL

The successor to the GMC Suburban inherited its best features and has gone on to create a name for itself. Even though it is essentially a rebranded 10th generation Suburban, the Yukon XL from the years 2007 to 2014 has had a few unique touches from GMC to deserve a spot on its own.

There are later models of the same vehicle, but after 2015 no significant changes have been made to the car. That usually happens after five years or so. Until that happens, the GMC Yukon XL is the runner up for the best cars produced by GMC.

8 GMC Acadia

GMC introduced the Acadia in 2006 as a 2007 model. It is a crossover SUV model based on its Lambda platform and is best known for its functionality. The GMC Acadia is popular with families, due to its spacious seating for up to eight and sliding seats that allow easy access to the third row.

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It is also well powered by a 3.6L LGX V6 engine producing 310HP (latest version). The Acadia is a full package for the average American family. To top it all off, it has fantastic reliability and lives with few maintenance issues, if any. That gives it the last spot among the top 3 best cars by GMC.

7 2014 GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra and its close cousin, the Chevrolet Silverado, are among the best selling cars by General Motors. They are a line of light to heavy-duty trucks from GM and have accumulated a lot of accolades since they were first introduced as individual models in 1999.

Some of the honors that have been accorded the GMC Sierra include the 2nd best truck of 2020 and 25 on longest-lasting cars that go the distance. The 2014 Sierra, in particular, has received a few upgrades that make it one of the best GMC vehicles ever.

6 GMC Savana

The GMC Savana and its mechanical twin Chevrolet Express have been favorites among contractors for years. They were introduced in 1995 to replace the Chevy Van and GMC Vandura as full-size vans. One factor which undoubtedly contributes significantly to their success is versatility. These cars can be modified into almost anything. You can haul cargo, transport people, and handle any kind of work without any issue.

However, they have been most popular as cargo haulers and are ranked number 4 by Repairpal for reliability. You can never go wrong with a GMC Savana.

5 2019 GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain was first produced in 2009 to replace the Pontiac Torrent. It has since proven itself and stands out mainly for its classy feel and finish. It is a very comfortable car for both the driver and the passengers. However, it isn't very big and is only slightly larger than the Arcadia.

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For reliability, the Terrain does not break any records, but it manages to avoid the garage for far longer than most other cars. Fuel economy is manageable, power is top-of-the-line, and its high-end features will impress anybody.

4 GMC Sonoma GT

The GMC Sonoma was a compact pickup truck first built under Chevrolet as the S-10 in 1981. The Sonoma GT was its high-performance cousin, and is what many people liked to call a 'sports pickup.'

That is in no way overrated because the Sonoma GT could reach 60mph from rest in under 5 seconds at the tracks. It was the fastest pickup truck in the world for a time; however, only 806 were built since it was a special version of the Sonoma. You can still get used ones that are in good condition.

3 GMC Syclone

If you thought the GMC Sonoma was terrific, you haven't heard about its brother, the GMC Syclone. It was racing Corvettes and Ferraris on the race track and setting records, powered by its 4.3L LB4 Turbo V6 that produced 280HP of power.

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The Syclone was only produced for the model year 1991 when only 2995 cars were produced. In 1993, the GMC Typhoon was produced in its place, but it lacked the same appeal. It is also worth noting that there were other variations of the Syclone, such as the Marlboro Syclone and the Indy Syclone.

2 2nd Generation GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon, also known through its twin Chevrolet Colorado, is a recent model introduced into the market in 2014. It was the result of a collaboration between GM and Isuzu, and is a premium mid-size pickup truck built to replace the GMC Sonoma.

Although there was also the first generation of these cars, the 2nd is more advanced. It comes with a facelift, updated electronics and different trims for different customers because of the varying needs.

1 GMC Envoy

The GMC Envoy was a mid-size SUV produced between 1997 and 2008. It was a larger replacement for the Jimmy and had two variants to its name. These are the Envoy XL and Envoy XUV. Performance-wise, there was nothing very exciting about it and the base model had the LL8 4.2L engine which was more than enough for everyday handling.

Even the exterior and interior of this car are not particularly inspiring. However, its reliability as a utility vehicle earns it the last spot on the list of the 10 best cars produced by GMC.

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